4 Bedroom Harbour Island Rental Homes


Located throughout Harbour Island, our 4 bedroom vacation rentals are based desirable locations along the beach, the harbor, and Dunmore Town, allowing you and your guests to stay central to the best of the island’s attractions and activities while enjoying exquisite comfort. Take a look at our selection of Harbour Island rental homes with 4 bedrooms by clicking through the properties below!

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Awesome Amenities with our Harbour Island Rental Homes

Ideal for planning a tropical getaway with friends or family, our lovely 4 bedroom Harbour Island rental homes offer ample space, privacy, and amenities to make your stay enjoyable, set against the scenic backdrop of panoramic island views or the quaint charm of Dunmore Town.

Our 4 bedroom properties boast open, airy layouts that provide plenty of space for day to day living and entertaining during your vacation. Features like custom bar areas, hammocks, and immediate beach access outside of your front door enable you to kick back and unwind with ease.

Breezy outdoor lounge areas, many equipped with their own refreshing private pools, encourage you and your guests to relax in the tranquil ambiance of the island while enjoying your downtime in privacy, between seeing the sights or playing on the beach.

Spacious yet inviting bedrooms, outfitted with soft beds and smooth linens, function as your own personal haven at the end of a long, sun-soaked day.

Immaculate bathrooms with custom details transform even the most ordinary parts of your daily vacation routine into a pampered, spa-like experience.

Enjoy the company and conversation of your guests in the living room, where you’ll find comfy seating. Many of our properties also have amenities such as high end flat screen televisions or cozy fireplaces in their living rooms as well.

For those rare times when you feel like dining in and whipping up a feast for your guests, the full sized kitchens in our properties offer a range of appliances to make cooking a breeze.

However you spend your time on your vacation, our Harbour Island rental homes will be your home away from home.

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