Narrows – Harbour Island, Bahamas Vacation Homes

Harbour Island is little-known, but much loved. Just a short water taxi ride away from Eleuthera, this island all its own features its own town, its own beaches, and of course, its own beautiful tropical getaways—which you can book for a heavenly vacation in one of our Harbour Island Bahamas vacation homes!

Harbour Island only has one town, Dunmore Town, but is famous throughout the world for its pink sand beaches on its east side. In these homes, in what we call the “Narrows,” you’ll be well situated between the two of them—north of the major streets but within easy access of the beaches.

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A Reclusive, Secluded Retreat

Even among the Bahamas, Harbour Island is a special place, even further removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life than most tropical islands. In fact, the island’s population is less than 1,800. Plus, with golf carts, walks, and bikes as the main mode of transportation, you’ll be blissfully free of the noises that haunt city life, and instead free to let the waves lull you to sleep.

These homes in the Narrows are even better, as they’re well north of Dunmore Town’s happening streets and the eastern side’s large resorts. It’s like going to a corner at the end of the world to have some peace and quiet.

Everything You Need

That said, Dunmore is far from third-world. With plenty of restaurant options, from bars to a bakery to a ristorante, and pink sand beaches perfect for swimming and snorkeling, there’s plenty to do here, day after day.

Looking for some Bahamas-style fun and excitement? Why not spend a day chartering a sailboat? The whole family will enjoy a day of exploring the waters around Harbour Island, and perhaps beachcombing on some uninhabited nearby islands! Depending on how you like to enjoy the ocean, you can spend the day fishing, snorkeling, or just jumping off the boat into the clear blue Bahamas waters. Take home your catch and cook it up for dinner in the comfort of your own kitchen! Now that’s a vacation!

If you’re more of a lounge-in-the-sun type, spend your days relaxing on Harbour Island’s famous pink sand beaches. The entire eastern side of the island is fringed with them, and if you’re staying in the Narrows, you’re only a short walk (or golf cart ride) away! Perfect beach pictures, and the perfect suntan, will be yours after a beautiful day spent on the beaches of Harbour Island.

For a bit of fun on land, you’ll enjoy browsing the shops and streets of historic Dunmore Town. This quaint little town was actually once the capital of the Bahamas and was a major center for ship building and sugar processing. You’ll enjoy admiring the New England-style architecture and colorful paint jobs of the adorable buildings of Dunmore Town, while you hunt for souvenir treasure in the shops and galleries.

For those who are committed to keeping up their exercise routines while on vacation, there are some great local options to take advantage of. Try a sunrise beach yoga class or hire a personal trainer for yoga and pilates workout sessions. You and your friends can have a personalized exercise class right on your own veranda!

Finally, don’t forget about the food! The Bahamas is famous for all kinds of seafood specialties, and for good reason. If you’ve never tried conch before, now’s the time to start! Try conch fritters, cracked conch, conch salad… the list goes on. Enjoy a wide variety of local specialties, often twisted up with Mediterranean or American flavors along the way. Head to Ma Ruby’s to try the “original” cheeseburger in paradise, or to Queen Conch’s for a fine conch salad. Either way, don’t forget to grab drinks overlooking the sunset!

The Properties

Our properties in the Narrows easily fit a family and can sleep eight people or more comfortably. They come with beds that are both aesthetic and comfortable, and kitchens so that you can prepare your own meals using fresh tropical produce. Whether painted a pristine white or retaining the natural color of the wood, these homes feel like something out of a storybook.

Perhaps the greatest amenity of these properties is their view—these homes are situated so that you have a view of the ocean from your own room and can smell the invigorating sea breeze with your windows open.

Islands Real Estate: The Bahamas, Inside and Out

If you’re looking to stay on Harbour Island, trust us to give you the best vacation experience you could ask for. We’re from the Bahamas ourselves, and know the best way to enjoy the islands. Choose one of these beautiful homes, or look at our other Harbour Island properties, and make a property inquiry to begin setting up your Bahamas getaway.