Harbour Island Vacation Rentals

Packed full of quaint charm like pastel-colored cottages, pink sand beaches, and clothing boutiques, Harbour Island is the ultimate Bahamas fantasy getaway. An abundance of beauty and luxury are found woven throughout this remote island, which includes our luxury Harbour Island vacation rentals. Come experience the island’s best upscale accommodations and find ultimate relaxation on Harbour Island.


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About Island Real Estate

For over 40 years, Island Real Estate has been committed to representing the most sensational homes on Harbour Island. Starting in 2010, Island Real Estate began to offer some of these amazing homes as luxury vacation rentals.

Today, Island Real Estate continues to offer the most exquisite homes on Harbour Island. Highly awarded for our customer service, at Island Real Estate, we pride ourselves on our reputation and professionalism with clients and renters alike.

About Our Harbour Island Vacation Rentals

We hand selected over a dozen exceptional homes to offer as vacation rentals on Harbour Island, which range from one to eight bedrooms. Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom island getaway in the Bahamas or a large estate to share with a group, we have several homes that will meet your needs.

Each of these special Harbour Island, Bahamas vacation rentals come with proximity to Harbour Island’s famous beaches, easy access to restaurants and entertainment, and plenty of quaint island charm.

In each home, you can expect to find contemporary island-inspired interior design, plenty of natural light, roomy outdoor spaces with views of the ocean, comfortable beds, gourmet kitchens, and large spaces in which to gather around food. Many of these homes also feature extras like infinity pools, hot tubs, and indoor fireplaces. In addition, a couple of our Harbour Island vacation rentals are also historic properties, having been built during the early 19th century.

You’ll love the beauty that surrounds these charming properties. No matter which home you choose for your next Harbour Island vacation rental, you’ll be able to relax in ultimate luxury and style amongst Harbour Island’s pink sand beaches and swaying palm trees.

Things to Do on Harbour Island

With restaurants and shopping that rival nearby Saint Bart’s and Anguilla, Harbour Island boasts a large number of luxury vacation activities. When you’re not finding your new favorite designer swimsuit in a new boutique or tasting some of the best fresh seafood you’ve ever had, head down to one of Harbour Island’s many chaise lounges with umbrellas to sit by the sea and drink a delicious cocktail.

Miles upon miles of seemingly endless pink sand beaches make Harbour Island both incredibly beautiful and unique. If you feel adventurous enough to go out into the water, indulge in scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, surfing, or an array of other water sports offered on the island.

It’s relatively easy to island hop in order to enjoy a remote beach picnic with nobody else around. By island hopping to nearby Eleuthera, you can enjoy a day of sightseeing at The Queen’s Baths, the Glass Window Bridge, or even sightsee by horse.

However you choose to spend your time in Harbour Island, we know that you’ll find a wonderful combination of convenience, beauty, remoteness, and luxury. Harbour Island is unique in so many ways and we hope that you discover your favorite niches during your vacation.

Choose Island Real Estate

Each luxury vacation rental we offer on Harbour Island has been hand-selected for its beauty and quality. Each of these special homes come with plentiful island charm and amenities that will help you get the most out of your Harbour Island vacation.

At Island Real Estate, we build our relationships on confidence and trust so we stand by each of our luxury Harbour Island vacation rentals. Customer service and commitment to excellence have been the basis of our business for the past 40 years. Contact us today to book your next vacation rental!