Historic Harbour Front Bahamas Vacation Homes

The homes are all located on Harbour Island, the 3.5 mile stretch of land just northeast of Eleuthera. Quaint, charming, and relaxing, these Bahamas vacation homes combine island living with English aesthetics to create a unique tropical getaway sensation. Our properties here are perfect for groups of friends or for small families.

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Real Seclusion in Our Bahamas Vacation Rental Properties

With no airports, Harbour Island is accessible only by water taxi. Cars are virtually unseen on the island, with golf carts, bikes, and old-fashioned walking being the major forms of transportation. The only noise you hear are the sounds of the sea and the bustle of daily living, making this spot perfect for those who want to escape. The lack of big-city lights makes this island feel like a different world at night, when you can marvel at the mighty inky blackness of the sea and the brilliance of the stars above.

The Joys of Harbour Island

Harbour Island’s gorgeous waters are one of its greatest selling points, and with our Bahamas vacation rental properties, you’ll be able to enjoy them as much as you want. Stay with a harbor-front property if there’s nothing better to you than the smell of the sea and the sound of the waves. Watching cargo loads and excited tourists coming into the docks is another perk of these locations.

Things to Do on Harbour Island

If you’re traveling to the Bahamas, chances are, you’re an ocean lover! And there’s no better place to embrace the ocean than Harbour Island. When you’re surrounded by ocean on all sides like this, you’ll be able to truly relax! Spend days lounging on the gorgeous pink sand beach that hugs the eastern side of the island near your Harbor Island rentals.

When you’re done sunning to your heart’s content, and are looking for more adventure, hire a charter sailboat to take you on a day trip to explore nearby uninhabited islands! Collect shells and beach glass, go fishing, or just have fun jumping off the boat into the beautiful blue sea. Cook up your catch at day’s end, in the comfort of your own kitchen in your beautiful vacation home.

If you’re more of a landlubber or are just looking to spend a day with a bit less sun on your face, take a stroll or a golf cart ride around the streets of quaint Dunmore Town. You may be surprised to learn that this little town was once the capital of the Bahamas and was the second-most populous settlement after Nassau! Once an important center for ship building and sugar processing, today Dunmore Town is a picturesque collection of New England-style buildings, where you’ll find some of the Bahamas’ best shops and restaurants. Explore the art galleries, browse for authentic Bahamian souvenirs, and talk story with friendly locals. Enjoy the laid-back pace of island life!

And then there’s the food! If you’ve never tried cracked conch, now’s your chance, although the Bahamas is of course famous for all manner of seafood delights. Try Queen Conch, Sip Sip, and Ma Ruby’s for authentic Bahamian specialties, including lobster and conch in a variety of preparations. Try conch fritters, conch salad, lobster quesadillas, and who knows what else? For a fine dining experience, check out The Landing, Rock House, and The Dunmore Restaurant, where you can enjoy the finest fresh fish preparations in a sumptuous setting. And of course, don’t miss sunset cocktails overlooking the harbor itself! There are plenty of great options near our Harbour Island rentals!

Attractive Bahamas Vacation Homes

Our homes on Harbour Island never disappoint. Works of art on the outside, some of our Bahamas vacation villas boast bright pastels that entice the eye and celebrate the tropical climate. Others embrace a more rustic setting, with wooden facades that balance sturdiness with tranquility. Either way, you’ll enjoy a comfortable stay in a fascinating and cute property!

Harbour Island Rentals

We include all the amenities necessary for a modern vacation without infringing on the sensation of an island retreat. Our Harbour Island rentals come with kitchens stocked with electric stoves, refrigerators, and dishes, so you can fix up your own dishes with your leisure time or save the take-out from earlier and enjoy it as a home meal. Fine linens and beautifully arranged beds will make you feel like you own a slice of tropical heaven, specially prepared for your comfort. Look for additional amenities as well in the property descriptions, such as pools, air conditioning, and decks. Don’t forget to rent a golf cart for your island transportation!

The Best in the Bahamas

To secure your own Harbour Island retreat, browse the properties above. Click on them to learn more about their amenities and see inside them. When you find the perfect Bahamas villa rental, just make a property inquiry to begin setting up your island vacation.