Harbour Front Vacation Home Rentals in the Bahamas

Located just above the larger island of Eleuthera, Harbour Island has long been a best-kept secret of the Bahamas. Recently named “Best Island in The Caribbean” by Travel & Leisure magazine, Harbour Island offers visitors unique pink sand beaches, many opportunities for island exploration, and countless ways to relax.

Enjoy island recreation, high-end shopping, quality dining, pastel-hued historic homes, and boundless beauty on this small but quaint island. Stay close to the dining, shopping, and action of the harbour when you book your stay in one of our Harbour Island luxury villa rentals.

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About Our Harbour Island Luxury Villa Rentals

Colonial architecture, island-inspired interior design, harbour access, and sweeping Bahamas sunset views define our gorgeous harbour front rentals. These spectacular homes offer guests unmatched proximity to all of Harbour Island’s most popular activities while also offering ultimate relaxation.

Slip into an infinity pool, stroll on white sand beaches, read in a seaside hammock, or entertain on a large outdoor patio overlooking the ocean. Our harbour front homes were designed to help you relax and forget all of your day-to-day worries. We pay attention to all of the small details of our homes so you can relax and feel completely at home upon arrival.

Inside all of our Harbour Island villa rentals, you can expect to find enormous living spaces, large beds, luxurious interior design, boundless natural light, and massive kitchens. In many of these homes, you will also find bonuses like hot tubs, fireplaces, private docks, and more. Each of our harbour front vacation rentals are unique but all of them were constructed for their beauty and serenity.

Ever Dreamed of Your Own Private Island?

Harbour Island is the next best thing! Experience the true relaxation of this exclusive getaway, which is like a tiny oasis of its own. If you’ve been dreaming of unparalleled luxury, and a great vacation with friends and family, then these well-appointed villas are just the thing for you. With plenty of space for everyone, you’ll feel like the ruler of your own kingdom!

While Harbour Island was once the capital of the Bahamas and was the second-largest settlement (after Nassau) in the early 1900s, today it’s simply a quiet town with a population of less than 2000. Since it’s a little more work to get here to Harbour Island, it’s a destination best left to those who like to explore off the beaten path (and those who enjoy their beaches uncrowded). Enjoy the luxury of feeling like you’re on your own private island, but with all the conveniences of modern life!

Things to Do on Harbour Island

Harbour Island knows how to relax. Removed from the larger island of Eleuthera, Harbour Island is the perfect place to begin new healthy habits and forget the stresses of everyday life. On the island, you will enjoy some of the best dining in the Bahamas, unique shopping opportunities, gorgeous scenery around every corner, and numerous ways to enjoy outdoor recreation.

Obviously, one of the best activities in the Bahamas is getting out on a boat to explore the ocean. Charter sailboats are waiting to take you on an adventure! Eleuthera Sailing Adventures can pick you up at Valentine’s Resort and Marina, or at your own private dock if your villa has one. A day of exploring uninhabited Man Island, snorkeling, swimming, and beachcombing awaits! You can even take a nighttime sail if you prefer. Up to 12 people can be accommodated on their 44-foot yacht, so there’s plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy.

Another great way to spend the day on Harbour Island is at the beach, of course! The Bahamas is known for the beautiful signature “pink sand” beaches that adorn many of the islands, and Harbour Island is no exception. The island is lined north to south with beach on the eastern side, and you can happily spend the day basking in the sun to your heart’s content.

When you’ve had enough of hanging out in the ocean, spend the day exploring all the interesting shops in historic Dunmore Town. The town’s 1800s-style New England architecture provides for picturesque views as you stroll along, exploring shops like Princess Street Galleries and A & A Hidden Treasures.

Don’t forget, one of the great things about Harbour Island is the limited number of cars here! You might feel like you’ve gone back in time with so little traffic! Enjoy renting a golf cart while you’re here and using it as your main transportation around this adorable little island.

Choosing Island Real Estate

At Island Real Estate, we have built our business upon 40 years of loyal customer service. Trusted by homeowners and renters alike, we pride ourselves on the quality of your experience.

Each of the lovely homes we represent has been hand-selected for its convenience, beauty, and character. Contact us to book your Harbour Island luxury villa rentals through Island Real Estate today to experience our unmatched customer service!