Near the Beach – Harbour Island Beach House Rentals

The pink-sand beaches of Harbour Island are famous throughout the world as a magical vacation destination; with our properties near the beach, you can have a rental home right next to them. These properties include six-bedroom estates appropriate for small family reunions or business retreats to one-bedroom seaside private paradises for honeymooners. The beaches are one of the best draws to Harbour Island, making these some of the best properties available. Make sure to check out the Harbour Island Bahamas real estate below:


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The Quintessential Tropical Getaway

It’s an iconic dream: the house on the beach, right next to the shore, where you can fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up to a beautiful view of the ocean. Whether it’s for the beauty of the sea and the coast, the convenience of being next to the beach, or just the luxury associated with the idea, the tropical beach house is the archetype of seclusion and relaxation.

Our rental properties near the beach on Harbour Island meet all expectations. The breath-taking pink and white sands of the island’s eastern shores have attracted visitors for generations, and even today, their beauty is preserved. Plus, these properties are close enough to walk each day to the gorgeous beaches of Harbour Island. From swimming to sunbathing to snorkeling, these beaches offer it all. The gorgeous weather for relaxing and the many reefs to explore mean that you can spend hours here, day after day, without tiring.

Amenities All the Way in Our Bahamas Beach Rentals

There’s no shortage of luxury, either. You’ll be close enough to the beach to smell the sea, but you’ll enjoy all the amenities of city living. The furniture is plush and comfortable, and all appliances are checked regularly to ensure working order. Fully equipped kitchens are the norm, meaning you can enjoy your meals your way—from fried eggs in the morning to hearty casseroles or fresh seafood for dinner, you can eat like you do at home or be adventurous with the local cuisine. Relax with the TV on, or enjoy the homes’ great natural lighting while reading. Check our Bahamas beach rentals‘ descriptions to find other bonuses, from pools to grills.

Set Your Vacation Up Now!

To enjoy your own beachside retreat, look through these offerings and pick one that catches your eye. Click on the picture to learn more about it, or click the “Property Inquiry” button to begin setting up your reservation. Make your tropical vacation dream come true by inquiring or calling now!