Whale Point Eleuthera, Bahamas Vacation Rentals

If you are planning a beach getaway to the Bahamas, check out our Eleuthera vacation homes at Whale Point on the northern end of Eleuthera Island. All of our vacation rentals are situated just feet from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and are nearby some of the best attractions on the northern part of the island.


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Luxurious and Spacious Eleuthera Vacation Homes

Our Eleuthera, Bahamas vacation rentals on Whale Point are the perfect way to enjoy your vacation in the Bahamas. All of our Whale Point homes have views of the ocean and are just steps away from the beach. Some of our Eleuthera vacation homes have a private beach, and each villa is decorated with island decor to highlight the beauty of Eleuthera. We have smaller villas for your romantic beach getaway or large villas that can sleep your whole family or group of friends. Our rentals have lots of windows, so you can enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and patios where you can sit outside and look at the ocean while you enjoy your dinner and drinks. Whale Point is located on a more secluded part of northern Eleuthera, which gives your home privacy and makes it the perfect spot for relaxing.

Explore the Island

Eleuthera Island is a long, thin island known for its gorgeous pink sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. The northern end of the island has some of the best beaches, including the beaches on Harbour Island, which is just northeast of Whale Point. Water taxis take people from northern Eleuthera to Harbour Island all day and it costs about $5 to get on the taxi. Harbour Island is also the location of Dunmore Town, which was founded in the 17th century, so many of the homes on the island are historic.

Northern Eleuthera also has its own great beaches such as Gaulding Cay Beach. The beach stretches for a quarter mile along the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean. The cay offshore of the white sand beach is a great spot for snorkeling. You will also often see locals spearfishing in the area. The beach is located down the road across from Daddy Joe’s.

If you are hungry after a day at the beach, Daddy Joe’s offers some of the best fresh seafood and Caribbean Soul Food on Eleuthera. On Sunday nights the restaurant has live Rake n Scrape bands.

To get to Gaulding Cay Beach and Daddy Joe’s from Whale Point, you have to drive across the Glass Window Bridge. This bridge has stunning panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. To the east are the dark blue waters of the Atlantic and to the west are the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The land separating the two bodies of water is only 30 miles wide and the cliffs drop straight down into the waters, making this part of the island particularly stunning.

If you would like more information on our Eleuthera, Bahamas vacation rentals at Whale Point or recommendations on nearby beaches and restaurants, please contact us.