Eleuthera Vacation Rentals

Known for its big wave surfing, quiet snorkeling lagoons, green sea turtles, and pink sand beaches, the island of Eleuthera is a tropical paradise full of excitement. Whether you wish to spend your vacation days in the Bahamas chasing thrills or relaxing on a luxury beach chaise, Eleuthera has everything you could imagine for an island and more. Read on to learn about some of our favorite things to do in Eleuthera as well as discover our Eleuthera, Bahamas vacation rentals.


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About Our Eleuthera Rentals

All nestled into Whale Point, our limited but diverse set of hand-selected luxury Eleuthera, Bahamas rentals will offer you ultimate beauty and comfort.

Each of these special homes comes with beachfront access, plush indoor spaces inspired by the sea, proximity to restaurants, and quiet privacy. In each home, you will find boundless natural light, lovely kitchens, views of the ocean, and plenty of space to relax in. Outside, you’ll find bonus amenities like hammocks, hot tubs, fire pits, and more. Each of our Eleuthera vacation rentals is uniquely special.

Things to Do on Eleuthera

Boasting pink sand beaches, luxury resorts, bountiful opportunities for outdoor recreation, and gorgeous weather, there is much to love outside at Eleuthera. To see some of Eleuthera’s most stunning sights, don’t miss the Queen’s Baths, the Glass Window Bridge, the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, Lighthouse Beach, and Ocean Hole. Queen’s Bath references a series of natural pools a little over half a mile south of the Glass Window Bridge. These stunning natural formations make for a great low-tide dip in the water and the perfect place to observe the power of crashing waves from above when the tide is high once more. While the waters are generally gentle, it is recommended that visitors wear sandals when wading or swimming as the floor of Queen’s Bath is host to plenty of small rocks and shells.

Equally as inspiring is the panoramic view offered up to visitors who make their way across the Glass Window Bridge. This natural phenomenon stretches across Eleuthera connecting the northern and southern points of the island. What makes this visit unique is the bridge’s ability to separate two very different yet colorful bodies of water. As visitors traverse the paved road, the land falls away steeply on either side revealing the deep blue Atlantic waters on one side and a turquoise Eleuthera on the other. This contrast is striking and makes for incredible photographic moments along the way.

For those seeking an educational stop that allows for a closer look into how the residents of the Bahamas work to protect precious plant and wildlife, a trip to the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve is in order. Located on Banks Road in central Eleuthera, this preserve sprawls across 25-acres and protects mangrove forests, wetlands and woodlands alike. A convenient boardwalk allows guests to wander through these intricate ecosystems and observe plants and wildlife in their natural habitats. Butterflies and birds abound in this area, making for a colorful and musical experience for those who are excited to observe. Run jointly by The Bahamas National Trust and The Leon Levy Foundation, this preserve celebrates the natural beauty of the Bahamas while giving guests insight into how to help keep these ecosystems thriving for years to come.

Visitors looking for a little off-roading adventure with a leisurely reward at the end will be excited to make their way towards Lighthouse Beach. Located at the southern most tip of the island, this little piece of paradise is most easily accessed via ATV. A rugged path opens up to a beautiful pink sand beach complete with shady palm trees and crystal-clear waters made for snorkeling. Take the day to enjoy the view and soak up the sun before returning home for the night.

Before you leave Eleuthera, make sure to absorb the rumored healing powers that reside within the waters of Ocean Hole. Sitting peacefully at the southern edge of Rock Sound, this swimming hole is also filled with tropical fish that make it an enchanting dive.

Waterspouts and Dining

To try watersports in a unique location, seek out Eleuthera eco tours, surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and an array of other water sports.

In the town centers, enjoy some of the best dining in the Bahamas at 1648 Bar & Grille or Tippy’s Restaurant, Bar & Beach, and Buccaneer Club. Eleuthera is quickly beginning to rival nearby St Bart’s and Anguilla for culinary excellence.

However you spend your time on Eleuthera, we hope that you find meaningful ways to interact with the island and its native species. Eleuthera is teeming with native fish, plants, and aquatic life so it’s an exciting place to discover.

Choosing Island Real Estate

At Island Real Estate, we have built our business upon trust and loyalty for the past 40 years. Each of the luxury Eluthera, Bahamas vacation rentals that we offer has been carefully selected for quality and convenience.

We offer some of the most exquisite homes on Eleuthera at Island Real Estate and we pride ourselves on our reputation and commitment to customer service. The Eleuthera vacation rentals we offer come overflowing with island beauty and charm – we hope that you fall in love with them like we have! Contact us today to book your next vacation!