6 Bedroom Harbour Island Vacation Rentals


Our vacation rentals provide Harbour Island, Bahamas accommodation options in a range of phenomenal locations, from villas overlooking the harbour and beachfront abodes to cozy cottages outside of Dunmore Town. Of our vacation properties, our 6 bedroom rentals provide our guests with a particularly luxurious standard of accommodations. See for yourself why so many choose to stay in our 6 bedroom Harbour Island vacation rentals when you click through our exclusive selection of properties below!

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Gorgeous Properties with Lavish Features

Our Harbour Island, Bahamas accommodation options feature 6 bedroom vacation rentals that boast open layouts with airy designs, giving you and your guests all of the space, privacy, and comfort that you need to enjoy yourselves to the fullest during your time on Harbour Island.

Spacious bedrooms each serve as a private haven within your villa—a space to rest your head on soft sheets and a plush bed after a long day of fun spent exploring and enjoying Harbour Island’s delights.

Pristine custom bathrooms elevate the most ordinary parts of your routine into a spa-like, pampered experience.

Unencumbered living room spaces, breezy and open, are outfitted with comfy furnishings and cutting edge flat screen televisions, providing a gathering place for downtime relaxation and entertainment.

Private amenities such as outdoor showers, vast outdoor lounge areas, glittering pools, and immediate beach access right outside of your door add an extra special touch to your stay. Soak up the picturesque panorama of blue Caribbean waves from the deck or the windows of your vacation rental for a truly sublime experience.

Some of our properties come with lavish features such as concierge services, daily housekeeping, and conveniences such as washers, dryers, barbecue grills, reverse osmosis water, and water toys for your entertainment and convenience.

Wherever your days take you on your trip, our 6 bedroom Harbour Island, Bahamas accommodation options function as the perfect place to come home to during your vacation in paradise.

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