3 Bedroom Harbour Island Bahamas Rental Homes

Ranging from sizeable condominiums to vast homes looking over the beach, our 3 bedroom Harbour Island, Bahamas rental homes are perfectly suited for trips with friends, family, or a happy mix of both. Check out our exclusive selection of Harbour Island 3 bedroom vacation rentals for yourself by clicking on the properties below!

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Spacious Properties with Amazing Features

Our 3 bedroom Harbour Island, Bahamas rental homes enable you and your guests to stay central to the best of the island’s sightseeing and recreation, with locations throughout the Village, Dunmore Town, and near the beach.

Beyond their ideal locations, our vacation rentals each have their own features that add something special to your stay.

Breezy open floor plans provide ample space, privacy, and comfort for daily living and entertaining.

Kick back with your guests in the living room, enjoying downtime relaxation and one another’s company while watching the high end flat screen or cozying up to the fireplace on plush furnishings.

During those rare moments when you feel like dining in and preparing a home-cooked meal for your guests, the full sized kitchen and range of appliances will make cooking easy and hassle-free.

After a long day of fun in the sun, retreat to the tranquil haven of your own bedroom, lying down on the comfy bed beneath soft linens. Some of our Harbour Island, Bahamas rental homes include flat screen televisions in their bedrooms as well, allowing you to fall asleep to your choice of your favorite show on the television or the peaceful sound of the crashing waves.

Many of our Harbour Island, Bahamas rental homes also feature beautiful custom bathrooms that make even the most routine moments of your vacation feel like you’re pampering yourself at the spa.

Outdoor living spaces, equipped with lounge furniture for sunbathing and refreshing pools for swimming, give you and your guests a lovely space for relaxation outside between exploring what Harbour Island has to offer.

Wherever your days take you on the island, you can come back to the exquisite comfort of your rental!

Harbour Island Experiences

With its scenic views, endless stretches of sugar-white beaches and seemingly endless options for fun, it can be hard to whittle down your Harbour Island experience to the top few excursions, restaurants and stops along the way. No matter how much time you have to spare during your stay, these are some of the top experiences you won’t want to miss out on while you’re here! Whether you’re traveling solo, in town as a couple or getting away from the routine of life with the entire family in tow, these are adventures and flavorful stops that are sure to please.

Valentine’s Dive Center

While the land-based options are irresistible, there’s something particularly special about getting on the waves and into the turquoise waters that surround Harbour Island. When you’re looking to scuba, in need of a fishing guide or hoping to charter a vessel into new waters, Valentine’s Dive Center is the place to be. Knowledgeable and friendly guides are always on hand to help you create a one-of-a-kind excursion that brings you close to sea turtles, coral reef, tropical fish and beyond! Open from 8:30 am until 7:00 pm daily the team at Valentine’s Dive Center also specializes in scuba trips that are bound to be unforgettable. Not certified but want to be? Valentine’s Dive Center offers all the instruction needed to get up to speed and on your way to underwater exploration keeping safety top of mind. The Valentine’s Dive center is definitely a place to visit when staying in our Harbour Island, Bahamas rental homes!

Pink Sands Beach

Harbour Island is a vacation destination where the sun seems to be shining almost all the time. Those with a passion for lounging on the sand, making the most of the warmth and rays will absolutely be thrilled with a stop at Pink Sands Beach during a visit. This stretch of sand can be found boasting hues of pink, just as the name implies. Whether you’re into snorkeling, fishing or swimming, Pink Sands Beach provides a calm and beautiful place to enjoy one or all of the above. The pink hue is caused by the combination of red shell and white sand coming together over time. The result is a scenic stop that makes for amazing photographs and just as thrilling memories.

Acquapazza Wine Bar and Ristorante

Integrated into the Ramora Bay Resort, this restaurant and wine bar is a wonderful place to indulge in some delicious island flavors after a day of fun and exploration. Make the most of seafood and pasta options while enjoying a beautiful waterfront view. Both indoor and patio seating is available for those choosing to dine in casual style. Aquapazza Wine Bar and Ristorante is a great choice when you want to enjoy bold flavors while watching a spectacular sunset too.

Getaway with One of Our Harbour Island Bahamas Rental Homes!

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