4 Bedroom Eleuthera Vacation Rentals


With locations in desirable areas such as Whale Point, Spanish Wells, The Current, and Governor’s Harbour, our Eleuthera rental properties make the perfect choice for your stay. Enjoy the best of what the island has to offer from the spacious comfort of one of our incredible 4 bedroom Eleuthera rental properties! Take a peek at our vacation rental offerings by clicking on one of the properties below!

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Eleuthera Rental Properties with Magnificent Amenities

Ideal for planning a vacation with friends, family, and everyone in between, our 4 bedroom vacation properties set the stage for the ultimate Caribbean vacation.

Bask in the breezy island ambiance of our 4 bedroom Eleuthera rental properties , designed with all of the privacy and space you could ever need to make your tropical vacation that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Kick back after a day spent on Eleuthera’s sun drenched pink sand beaches by relaxing in the living room, lying back on comfy furnishings while enjoying a show on the television or the company and conversation of your guests.

Alternatively, outdoor lounge spaces overlooking bay and ocean views provide a scenic spot for your downtime relaxation. Enjoy the coziness of an outdoor fire pit with a glass of wine in hand, taking in one of Eleuthera’s marvelous sunsets as the sun sinks below the water.

Private features such as refreshing pools, hammocks tucked away on the beach overlooking the water, and personal docks offer another option for keeping yourselves occupied in between exploring the wonders of Eleuthera.

Spacious yet cozy bedrooms give you and your guests a place to retreat to for a restful night’s sleep, slipping between the silken sheets of your soft bed.

However you choose to spend your days on your trip, our 4 bedroom Eleuthera rental properties will ensure that you have all of the creature comforts of home and then some.

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