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Bimini Real Estate

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The Bahamas is a tropical, Caribbean destination that beckons travelers from around the globe in the name of secluded and scenic getaways. Whether your passion lies with stretches of white sandy beaches, streets lined with palm trees or hours spent on the waves snorkeling, surfing, and sailing, the Bahamas promises to be a place where all of these options are available to you on a daily basis. Between the savory seafood, amazing sunsets and endless opportunities to unwind and relax in style, there’s nothing better than taking to the Bahamas in the name of vacation. Bimini provides the tranquility of a scenic getaway while proving to continuously be as intriguing as it is aesthetically appealing. For these reasons and so many more, Bimini makes an amazing place to set your sights when you’re in the market to purchase a new home. Find a place to call your own on this piece of tropical paradise that delivers up an entirely new sense of fun and freedom.


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Bimini Bahamas Real Estate: Homes That Inspire

Imagine waking up each and every day to the sound of deep blue waves crashing along the sandy shoreline just outside your door. When you take time to browse the beautiful portfolio of Bimini properties with Island Real Estate, this dream becomes that much closer to reality. Many of our Bimini homes are within walking distance of the beach and casinos providing ample opportunity to soak up the sun during the day and enjoy the company of friends and family in the evenings. Multi-level balconies frame the oceanside view while open-concept floor plans keep luxurious amounts of space top of mind. From private pools to large yards and the fine-furnishings and appliances that you need, Bimini Bahamas real estate proves time and again to be an amazing place to call your own.

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Helping Dreams Become Reality

At Island Real Estate, we are dedicated to helping clients find their dream home in the Bahamas. We’re passionate about this captivating Caribbean destination and are here to make sure your next home checks off all the boxes on your dream house list. Contact us to get the search underway!