The Current Settlement Eleuthera Vacation Home Rentals

If you are planning a vacation to the Bahamas, check out our Eleuthera beach house rentals in Current. Current is a small settlement located on the northwestern point of Eleuthera Island. It is also the oldest settlement on the island which gives it a unique charm. Eleuthera is known for its famous pink sand beaches and crystal-clear waters that make for great snorkeling.

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About Our Eleuthera Beach House Rentals

Current is a small settlement of about only 130 people, making it removed from a lot of the population of the rest of the island. Our Eleuthera vacation home rentals in Current offer plenty of privacy and seclusion allowing for the ideal relaxing beach vacation. Each beach villa has its own access to the beach and stunning panoramic views of the ocean. Our villas are decorated with the charm of the Bahamas, and the native landscape provides beauty and shade for your home. Each rental also has plenty of outdoor space, including patios and outdoor showers. After a day at the beach, our Eleuthera beach house rentals are the perfect place to relax while you enjoy your views and the ocean breeze on your patio.

Explore Nearby Harbour Island

If you want to explore more of the area’s beauty while at our Eleuthera vacation home rentals, Current is only a 10-minute drive to the water taxi that takes you to the world-renowned Harbour Island. Harbour Island has some of the best beaches in the area, including the island’s famous pink beaches. There is also an array of restaurants to try on Harbour Island, including Rock House Restaurant, Sip Sip, and Queen Conch. After a day on Harbour Island, you will be happy to get back to the privacy and seclusion of your Current Settlement home.

Current Cut

At the edge of Current Settlement is the Current Cut. This 100-yard cut runs between Eleuthera Island and Current Island. The waters of the cut reach depths of up to 60 feet, and the current moves very fast at speeds of up to 10 knots. The spot is a very popular dive spot because you can rush through the cut is about 10 minutes while you admire all the coral. The strong current does make this dive spot more difficult, however, so it is recommended you contact a dive shop before navigating the cut. If you aren’t a diver, the Current Cut is still an interesting spot to check out. The water is crystal clear, so you can look at the coral covered rocks and fish while you watch columns of water rush through.

If you would like to learn more about our Eleuthera vacation home rentals in Current Settlement, or for further recommendations on nearby beaches and restaurants, please contact us.