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Dunmore Town in Harbour Island

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Harbor Island may only be about three-and-a-half square miles, but that’s enough to create an intriguing, stable town. Dunmore is the town on Harbor Island, and if you want to experience really getting away, it’s the place to go!


Dunmore Town, Harbor Island is located right next to Eleuthera, so if you’re staying there, Dunmore makes for a great day trip! There are no roads or airports connecting Harbor Island to other places, so you’ll need to take a water taxi from Eleuthera. Since it’s so out of the way, it’s arguable the most secluded spot on the Bahamas! But once there, all of this will be open to you:


There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy on the island. Arthur’s Bakery is a popular choice for its baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. Queen Conch gets mixed reviews due to long wait-times and a hit-or-miss menu, but many absolutely adore their conch salad. Some establishments, like Beyond the Reef and Sunsets Bar and Grill, are located on the west side of the town so you can enjoy your meal while watching the sun set over the Eleuthera mainland.


Dunmore’s a quiet town, but you can still head to Daddy D’s for a place to dance long after the sun’s gone down. Or, if you prefer a quieter evening, Acquapazza Ristorante is open until 11 p.m., perfect for enjoying a “fashionably late” dinner.

Ride the Golf Carts

On Harbour Island, Bahamas, the principal mode of transportation are golf carts! This may not be a huge thrill to those who drive these often, but for the rest of the traveling party, riding through a tropical island in the back of a golf cart will be a huge delight that will stick in their memories! Ross Golf Cart Rentals, Dunmore Rentals, and Major’s Golf Cart Rentals are all places you can go to get your wheels.

See the Sights

The very buildings in this town make excellent photo opportunities, with a quaint late-but-not-quite-modern English vibe to them, painted in bright pastels. Tour around in your golf cart and see what you find!

Nearby Beaches

Of course, the fabulous beaches on the eastern side of the island are fantastic draws as well. Dunmore Beach, Pink Sand Beach, and Girl’s Bank all offer swimming and sunbathing to your heart’s content. With warm waters all year, if you’re not taking advantage of the beautiful Bahamian beaches, you’re missing out! Stay close to these beaches and Dunmore at The Narrows.

Stay in Style with Island Real Estate

To relax and enjoy the slow pace of this tiny island town, stay in town with a vacation rental from us. We have nearly twenty years in the business, and several of us are native Bahamians as well.

Call us today or make an inquiry experience the best Bahamas vacation rentals in the quiet, yet exciting, Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, Bahamas.

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