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These are your opportunity to have your own slice of Heaven. They’re located in the heart of Dunmore, the only town on Harbour Island. Each one radiates an air of dignity and calm, letting you feel not only like you’re the master of a tropical paradise, but that you deserve it, too. From 2-bedroom homes perfect for small families to 6-bedroom estates that can sleep 12, our Village homes in Dunmore can host any kind of traveling party. Please check out our Harbour Island Bahamas house rentals below:

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Village Villas in Dunmore

Harbour Island is the perfect Bahamian getaway for those who dream of spending day after day at the beach or reading and relaxing in their own private island lodging, interrupting themselves just long enough to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the island’s restaurants. From waking up with a sticky bun from Arthur’s Bakery or watching the sun go down from a Bay Street restaurant, the day will be tranquil and relaxing—though partying after dark at Daddy D’s is never out of the question.

These properties are all impeccably located to be no more than a hop, skip, and jump from everything that you need to enjoy a day on Harbour Island. The only exception are the beaches, while are just a short golf-cart drive away on the eastern side of the islet. If you want to slow down and escape from the world of cars, commutes, and traffic, a stay in one of the luxury home rentals Bahamas has to offer is just what you need.

Stately Estates

It was a tall order, but these homes were built to match the beauty around them. Some of the smaller houses stand out less, letting the Bahamian flora stretch out around them and add all the natural beauty necessary to create such prepossessing homes. Many of the large homes feature second-story windows that allow you to survey the streets around and below, giving you the special opportunity to wake up each morning, look out, and relish where you are.

Things to Do on Harbour Island

If you love the idea of quiet relaxation while exploring a cute historic town, then staying in Dunmore is just right for you! Harbour Island is practically a car-free paradise, so even in the middle of town, you’ll enjoy peace and quiet as you drift off to sleep. You might even feel like you’ve gone back in time, when you walk to the bakery for your morning bread instead of buying it in a supermarket! With the convenience of being located in town, you’ll find it easy to enjoy all the delights this small town has to offer, without ever having to get stuck in rush hour traffic. Enjoy the easy pace of life in Dunmore Town. Spend days strolling the streets, hunting for the perfect Bahamian souvenirs; walk around admiring the adorable New England architecture with brightly painted trim; make friends with local residents. It’s a dream come true!

When you’re ready for the beach, it’s just a short golf cart ride away to the eastern side of the island (make sure to drive on the left!). Harbour Island is known for its famous pink sand beaches, and you can easily spend the day getting lost in a good beach book while working on your suntan. Finish off your beautiful beach day with a great meal and drinks overlooking the ocean at Sip Sip.

Once the beach has whetted your appetite for the ocean, consider chartering a sailboat for another day’s adventures! Private boats are available that will take you on an expedition in the gorgeous waters surrounding Harbour Island, where you can fish, snorkel, or just enjoy swimming. Take your day’s catch home and turn it into a meal in your own kitchen!

All Amenities You Need

Secluded living doesn’t mean spartan living—these homes are full of everything you need to relax like you’re home sweet home. Look forward to over-stuffed cushions to lounge on while you bring something up on the flat screen TV or read a book with all the natural lighting. Make a quick dinner or snack on your stove, then post pictures of your tropical meal on social media with the Wi-Fi. Enjoy everything the way you would at home, only better, because here you’ve got a veranda, ocean view, and other amenities to enjoy! Curl up on the couch and plan your next day’s adventures!

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To book, first make a property inquiry by clicking below each property’s picture. Or, click on the picture to learn more about the property. All of our properties are great ways to experience the Bahamas, so we hope to hear from you today!