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Bahamas Hiking


At a mere 1.5 square-miles and with only three miles of shoreline, you might not think there is much to see on Harbour Island. You would be dead wrong! Those three miles of shoreline consist of idyllic pink and white sands, swaying palm trees, and aquamarine waters that stretch for as far as the eye can see. The island boasts several scenic walks, perfect for getting to know this beautiful paradise, the charming town, and the friendly locals. Bahamas hiking makes for a great activity. Whether you choose to stroll the lush streets of Dunmore Town and admire the brilliantly painted Colonial cottages shimmering in every hue of pastel known to man, to explore quiet lanes draped in bougainvillea and hibiscus, or to enjoy some solitude on the secluded sands of the southern end of the island, there’s plenty of things to do in the Bahamas!

Historic North End

Situated around Government Dock, a scenic bay, and the traditional local market, the north end of Harbour Island is home to a great deal of our history. Visit Eva at her traditional woven straw hat stand, and be sure to photograph the town’s first communication hub: the old fig tree behind the market that served as a bulletin board until the arrival of phones. Stroll down Bay Street and marvel at the vibrant colors and quirky names bestowed upon each charming cottage. Your route will take you past the fishermen’s dock (check out their daily haul and buy some conch salad from one of the local food stands) to Girls Bank, a shallow bay with pristine waters that is popular for weddings and international photoshoots. Climb Coconut Drive to reach the highest point on the island, and take in the panoramic views on all sides.

South End, Oceanside

From Third Reef (the southernmost beach access), take a one-mile stroll down the famed pink sand beach and gawk at the dozen or more decadent beach homes and vacation villas (one of them could be yours, if you reserve through us!). Keep your eyes peeled for sand dollars, star fish, seashells, and more, and enjoy the feeling of the fine sand between your toes. Bahamas hiking along the beach is quite relaxing!

Preacher’s Cave

Across the channel on Eleuthera, a visit to this historic and highly scenic cave is one of our favorite things to do in the Bahamas. Discovered by western sailors in the 17th century, the cave became a makeshift church for a time. A short walk from Tay Bay Beach, the cave features a massive dome with an open skylight that lets in plenty of natural light and offers stunning views of the azure blue skies above.

Make sure to check out these awesome spots during your next stay with Bahamas Vacation Rentals!

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