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How to Plan a Fun and Refreshing Bahamas Retreat for a Corporate Team

When it’s time to let loose of daily stress and take some time to simply enjoy life, many travelers hit the roads and skies and pursue a well-deserved vacation. When the workplace becomes a place where it’s difficult to focus, or perhaps employees are overdue for a reward for their work-planning a corporate retreat can be just as effective as personal travel. These fun and inevitably refreshing getaways are a...

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Fun Spring Break Things to Do in the Bahamas

With March already here, that means just one thing: Spring Break is just around the corner! You do not have to be a college student to enjoy a weeklong getaway to a travel destination of your choice. For this year’s Spring Break, make sure to choose the Bahamas for an unforgettable time. Here is what you can find with a Bahamas Spring Break getaway: Incredible Nightlife on Your Bahamas Springs...

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Upcoming Events to Check Out on Harbour Island

We get that you really don’t need any extra reasons to visit our island paradise. Harbour Island is about as close to perfect as you can get, and that should be reason enough to plan your once in a lifetime getaway right here. And even though we all have heard the phrase less is more, sometimes more is just more! These upcoming events on Harbour Island are the more you...

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Best Spots for Snorkeling on Harbour Island

The world under the sea is a magical one just waiting to be explored, and the easiest way is through snorkeling. No training is needed; you put on your mask and flippers, duck your head under the water, and float your way through the big blue enjoying the show. Some shows are better than others, of course, and during your stay in the Bahamas on Harbour Island you will discover...

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Upcoming Bahamas Festival to Attend

We have to be honest, there is never a bad time for a Bahamas vacation. Offering sunny days, sultry temperatures, and a laid-back lifestyle that erases the tension and stress from your life with your first step on our shores, life is better here, and the sooner you visit the happier you will be! There are times, however, that your memorable visit will become even more magical, and when you...

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Things To Try This Winter In The Bahamas

Winter in the Bahamas is the best time of the year for getting out there and trying new things; the weather stays around a balmy 74 degrees with sunny skies and little rain. How can you not want to be outside doing new things when it’s this perfect? Of course, our piece of paradise is pretty close to perfect anytime you visit, but if you’re planning on a Winter in...

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A Party Lover’s Guide to Harbour Island Nightlife

We like to believe there are two types of people in the world. The first type doesn’t feel alive unless they are out at the clubs, tasting the trendy drinks, dancing until the sun comes up, and drinking in the party atmosphere as if it were the nectar of the gods. The other type prefers the peace and quiet of yet another night at home and probably won’t be interested...

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6 Best Healthy Harbor Island Restaurants

The Bahamas has become an incredibly popular destination for vacationers from all over the United States and the world. Of course, people come for the world class beaches, but they find something else to love in the amazing food throughout the islands, and Harbor Island in particular. There is something for everyone, especially for those that are looking for a delicious and HEALTHY bite to eat. The following are the...

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