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The world under the sea is a magical one just waiting to be explored, and the easiest way is through snorkeling. No training is needed; you put on your mask and flippers, duck your head under the water, and float your way through the big blue enjoying the show. Some shows are better than others, of course, and during your stay in the Bahamas on Harbour Island you will discover the waters that surround us offer not just a really good show, but an extravaganza of showmanship. If you have never tried your hand at this water sport, the Bahamas is the best place to start. Here’s our guide to the best snorkeling on Harbour Island.

Tips for Beginners

As we stated earlier, snorkeling requires no training, but these tips will help you safely enjoy your first experience under the sea. Our first and what we consider most important tip is to let go of the fear: the fear of drowning, the fear of dangerous creatures, and the fear of being left behind. Let all the fears go; the bad stuff only happens in the movies! Avoid the cheap equipment when renting for your trip, practice before you enter the water (the shop where you rent will help you get comfortable with the equipment!) and stay relaxed. These next couple of hours are going to be some of the most exciting ones of your life, and when you stay calm, you’ll appreciate it more.

Best Snorkeling Conditions

The weather in the Bahamas is generally perfect year-round, but during storm season it is important to pay attention to the water conditions. If it’s looking a little stormy or the water is choppy, plan your snorkeling expedition for another day. The good weather always comes back and there’s plenty to keep you occupied in the meantime—even if it’s just taking a nap! Snorkeling from the beach is the safest and most common form of snorkeling here, but if you want to do some deep sea snorkeling, there are tour companies on the island that are willing to help.

Best Spots for Snorkeling on Harbour Island

To be honest, EVERY spot on Harbour Island is a good one for snorkeling, but there are some spots that are better than others, especially depending on what you’re interested in seeing. Three Fingers is a spot that is perfect for families snorkeling on Harbour Island with children, offering shallow corals and plenty of colorful fish for the littles to swim after. Man Island offers sea cucumbers and octopus, the Potato and Onion Wreck gives snorkelers an opportunity to explore a ship that sank in the 19thcentury, and finally, the Train Wreckallowssnorkelers to explore a train that fell off a ship all the way back in the Civil War!

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