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Summer is the time to step out of the daily grind and into a getaway experience that promises fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation in equal parts. For those travelers looking for a destination where it’s possible to enjoy delicious seclusion immersed in tropical beauty, there’s no place better than Harbour Island. This charming piece of the greater Bahamian archipelago is bound to inspire with its pink sand beaches, turquoise waves, and quaint shops and restaurants where the flavor and fun remain large. Enjoy every moment of your summer escape to Harbour Island by adding these intriguing Harbour Island things to do to your must-do list.

Snorkel with Valentine’s Dive Center

The waters that surround Harbour Island are undeniably as scenic as the landscape of the island itself. Those that love to snorkel or are hoping to learn how will want to be sure to spend some quality time at Valentine’s Dive Center during a summer visit. This destination offers diving lessons and certification alongside a lineup of guided underwater adventures that put you up close with spectacular plant and marine life along the way.

Bike Along the Beach

The beaches that make up Harbour Island are both pristine and thrilling. When you’re looking to do more than savor the sights from a beach chair, hit the Harbour Island sands and pathways on two wheels. Renting a bike on Harbour Island is a breeze thanks to companies like Michael’s Cycles. Here, guests can rent everything from bikes to golf carts to get around the island in simple style. Hoping to follow up your bike ride with time on the water? Michael’s Cycles also rents a variety of boats and kayaks by the day.

Shop The Sugar Mill on Harbour Island

A little bit (or perhaps more) of time dedicated to shopping is generally a highlight of any getaway and a summer escape to Harbour Island is no exception to the rule. Head over to The Sugar Mill on Harbour Island when you’re in the mood to browse an eclectic and stunning collection of goods ranging from custom beach toys for kids to fine jewelry for adults. Pick up the perfect item for yourself to commemorate your trip or enjoy shopping for souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Savor Your Sunny Bahamas Getaway

Enjoy the very best of the Bahamas and make sure you have the accommodations to match by contacting Island Real Estate today. We’re here to make sure each of our guests enjoys a personalized stay complete with the luxury, quality, and comfort you deserve.