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When you’re seeking a destination that promises to provide the scenery and tranquility required to fully relax and unwind, there’s no better place on the map than the Bahamas. If your travels happen to take you to Harbour Island & Eleuthera during the summer months, even better. Whether you like to lounge on the beach, shop organic farms or make the most of sand-side restaurants, there are Bahamas activities for every traveler heading this direction when summer is in full swing.

Take Time to Enjoy Tippy’s

Eccentric island décor and elegant wood gazebos are just a few of the fine and fun features that Tippy’s brings to its authentic restaurant atmosphere. Located within the Pineapple Fields Resort on Banks Road between Governor’s Harbour and Palmetto Point, Tippy’s is a must-try for those visiting during the summer months and looking for a place to indulge in savory, traditional island fare. Whether you’re in the mood for steamed crab or grouper tacos, this charming beachside locale is the perfect place to make the most of a laid-back atmosphere and delicious dishes too. If you come by on a Saturday night, show up early and find a great spot to enjoy the lineup of live music that’s available too.

Grab Drinks at Dunmore Hotel

Complete with lush tropical gardens, exquisite architecture and pink sand beaches to frame the scene, time spent at Dunmore Hotel in Harbor Island is decidedly time well-spent. You don’t have to be a guest here to enjoy lounging around at the ocean-side pool and ordering up a savory, hand-crafted cocktail. Sip the day away with friends and soak up the sun at this elegant location that comes with an unsurpassed view over the water. Located at 27122 Goal Street in Dunmore Town, The Dunmore is truly a gem in the heart of Harbour Island that is well-loved by locals and visitors alike.

Lounge Around at Double Bay Beach

The highlight of any summer trip to Harbour Island and Eleuthera is making the most of the unique pink sand beaches that this area calls its own. One of the best locations for soaking up summertime sun in style is Double Bay Beach. Known for its powdery sands and stretches of palm trees that provide the perfect amount of shade when needed, Double Bay Beach on the Atlantic side of Savannah Sound is the ultimate sun worshipper’s destination when summer brings you to the Bahamas.

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