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If you are looking for the right itinerary on how to spend an extended weekend in Harbour Island and Eleuthera, you have come to the right place. Harbour Island and Eleuthera are known as some of the smaller islands in the Bahamas but still have all the necessities for a relaxing vacation away from home. Here is how to see the best of Eleuthera & Harbour Island in only three days:

Day 1: Explore Preacher’s Cave

Start your extended trip to the Bahamas by exploring the beautiful shoreline of Eleuthera. Preacher’s Cave can be found approximately 2 miles just East of Gene’s Bay and is the home of ancient shipwrecks. These downed vessels helped shape the Devil’s Backbone, a local reef found just off the coast full with all kinds of aquatic wildlife. Preacher’s Cave is the perfect location to host a romantic picnic on the sandy white beaches just off the coast. When you’re done exploring the beautiful shoreline,grab dinner at Daddy Joe’s Restaurant and Bar for your favorite pub food and ice-cold beverages.

Day 2: Relax on Harbour Island

On your second day,get over to Harbour Island to experience this relaxation paradise. You will find a vibrant community with local residents who are extremely courteous and enjoy showing visitors around. Harbour Island is known for its pink sand that surrounds the beaches for a beautiful sight to behold. After you get acquainted with the area,stop in for lunch at Sip Sippers, a unique restaurant that showcases the best of seafood and freshly foraged produce from the Bahamas. Continue your day by grabbing a golf cart rental that lets you explore the island with ease. Rentals are as cheap as $50 for a full day. Finally,end your day with fine dining at The Rock House,where the exceptional cuisine and vast wine menu cannot be beat. Make sure to ask for a table with a sunset view!

Day 3: Have a Sailing Adventure

Make the most of your last day in the Bahamas by joining Eleuthera Sailing Adventures for an incredible charter on the water, one of the best of Eleuthera. You can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, sailing, and beachcombing with their professional staff. Find hideaway spots that only the locals know about with these incredible tours. Each tour lasts more than three hours,so make sure to plan for a full day on the water!

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