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Throughout the calendar year, you will not find a bad time to visit the Bahamas, especially Harbor Island, one of the best spots across the islands. A trip here will always provide a relaxed pace of life on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But as Halloween rolls around, it is an exceptional time to visit for the many Harbour Island activities to celebrate this spooky day.

Visit the Haunted House

This Harbor Island classic is literally called “Haunted House.” This beautiful property was home to a newly married couple in 1945. The story goes that one day they left the home together after a terrible argument and were never seen again. The spooky thing is everything in the home is exactly as they left it, including stacks of wedding presents. Throughout the years’ numerous reports of two floating figures have come up, but the home remains shrouded in mystery. You can find it right next to the Harbor Island Marina.

Hit a Costume Party

As the holiday grows nearer, costume parties will become more and more common. But for now, you can count on the fun going on this year at LeoRose Sunset Beach Bar & Grill. Arrive in your very best Halloween costume and enjoy delicious food, amazing live music, and a whole lot of fun! Between all of the fun entertainment and Harbour Island activities, there will also be a costume contest. You will not find a better Halloween celebration on Harbor Island than you will find here.

Harbour Island Activities May Be Spooky But Not the Vacation Rentals

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