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Beach Activities & Things to Do in Harbour Island

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Harbor Island’s shape and size mean that it’s mostly coastline—with so much ocean, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it by heading to Pink Sand Beach or Girl’s Bank for some exciting things to do in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Both are on the eastern side of the island, and offer the following:


The Bahamas are famous for their beautiful tropical weather, so this is the place to sunbathe. Just find a comfortable spot, and let the weather work its magic on your body—and your mood. The sands in Harbor Island are typically cool and soft, so some people don’t even worry about having a towel along!

Long Walks

No matter how many cars or bikes or hot tubs or wave pools we build, something remains forever romantic about long walks on the beach. The whole experience is made five times more magical with the pink sand beaches of Harbor Island.  Walk hand in hand with your beloved at any time of day and watch the lovely waters roll in and out as people enjoy themselves on their own special vacation. Or, bring along the kids and show them all kinds of neat things that you can discover on the beach! A piggy-back ride on your shoulders as they look at the pink sand could become a young one’s earliest memory.


The tropical waters are fabulously well-suited to swimming, sometimes being even warmer than the air temperatures. From January through December, you’ll find Bahamian beaches open for business. It’s great exercise and tons of fun, so go out and enjoy one of the best things to do in Harbour Island, Bahamas.


Tropical fish are world-famous for their bright colors, easily visible in the sparklingly clear waters of their home. With some snorkel gear, you can head to the nearby reef and see these creatures up close! Peer below and see just how much you’re missing from an overland view of the sea. If you’ve got a great water-proof camera, you could catch some shots that will be the envy of your friends for years! The reefs are full of places to discover, so you may come back several times during your stay here.

Scuba Diving

If you want to get an even closer look at the creatures of the sea, then get down to their level with some scuba gear! Harbor Island may be small, but it does have its own dive shop—head to Valentine’s Dive Center to learn more about getting a diving tour!

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