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Queen’s Staircase – Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas

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Sometimes, something doesn’t seem so impressive at first glance—then the more you look at it, the more amazing it is! Queen’s Staircase, a popular spot to visit for those looking for things to do in Nassau, Bahamas, is kind of like that. These sixty-six steps are architectural marvels, a 100-foot tall staircase hewn from a single block of limestone. It took over a decade to complete, but was a strategic, as well as aesthetic, accomplishment for the people of Nassau.

Behind the Name

The staircase took over a year to build and was created using slave labor. Built in the late 18th-century, the work was hardly easy—pickaxes and the like were the only way through the limestone. Decades later, in recognition of the slaves’ contribution as well as the British Empire’s new moral position, the 66 steps were dubbed the “Queen’s Staircase,” in honor of Queen Victoria who oversaw the abolition of slavery throughout the British colonies during her reign.

Relax with a Story!

The purpose of the stairs was to make an easy connection between Nassau City and Fort Fincastle. Fincastle had a strategic position on top of a hill, so it was crucial in the defense of the island against pirates and marauders.

Today, visitors enjoy the staircase as a scenic, historical part of their visit to Nassau. Locals will hang out by the staircase, always willing to tell you more about the stairs and the history of the island. The area’s shade makes it ideal for getting out of some of the tropical heat, so visitors often spend a few minutes here learning more from the locals. The attraction is entirely free to visit, photograph, ascend, and descend, although the locals do hope for tips for their stories. Visiting the Queen’s Staircase is one of our favorite things to do in Nassau.

Conveniently Located

The location of the staircase is fairly convenient, as it’s easy to stop by while browsing downtown Nassau. Just head south from Bay Street on Elisabeth Avenue, park where it turns onto Sands Road, then walk a little south.

See It All!

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