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Loyalist Cottage on Harbour Island

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The Bahamas has a way with balance. Somewhere between the gently rolling waves, the white sand beaches and tropical cocktails are those serene moments where it’s possible to forget there were ever any worries in the world. It’s this sense of peace, beauty and belonging that has visitors flocking to this incredible destination year after year. One of the most luxurious locales belonging to the Bahamas has long been a place of refuge. Harbour Island is a beacon of luxurious living, but once upon a time, acted as a haven for those needing a new place to call home. During the Revolutionary War, those loyal to the British crown often made their way to Harbour Island in the name of escape. Where they landed, a very particular style of homes soon followed. Today, visitors to this pristine destination have the unique opportunity to visit original works of architecture on their list of Harbour Island things to do including the well-known and much-loved Loyalist Cottage.

Harbour Island’s Historical Icon

Sitting in Dunmore Town, Loyalist Cottage is the result of construction that began in 1797. It is easily recognizable to tourists and locals alike with it’s iconic turquoise and white facade fashioned in line with the trends of the 18th century. Today, Loyalist Cottage Harbour Island is considered to be one of the very first homes built by British settlers in the Bahamas and stands as a testament to an age and style gone by. Picket fences, delicate trim and clapboard accents make it a prime example of early colonial architecture. It’s idyllic stature and aesthetic makes it one of the most photographed buildings on the island with its many glamorous angles ready for the perfect shot.

Architecture that Lives On at the Loyalist Cottage, Harbour Island

The unique historical standing of the Loyalist Cottage was quickly recognized by The Bahamas National Trust as worthy of preservation. Great effort has gone towards maintaining the integrity of the Loyalist Cottage through dedicated restoration not only for this home, but the many others of a similar time period that dot the adjoining neighborhood. A walk through the Loyalist Cottage or simply down the street is an experience in living history. Standing nearly identical to their original form of over 200 years ago, guests are thrilled to be a part of a place that has seen so much time pass by and remains strong in its original culture. Those interested in guided walking tours of this area on their list of Harbour Island things to do can easily arrange for tour guides with the Harbour Island Tourist Office.

A Home for Your Luxurious Stay

After an afternoon indulging in the beautiful history of Dunmore Town, make sure you’re booked into a comforting, relaxing and luxurious vacation home. The team at Island Real Estate can present guests with customized options ranging from sprawling estates to cozy beachfront cottages, perfect for any stay in the Bahamas.

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