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Fort Fincastle

Beyond the beach, sun and sand that draw so many visitors to the Bahamas each year lies a destination equally rich in history. Those with a passion for the past can enjoy the island life while simultaneously adding a few historically-relevant stops to the itinerary. Fort Fincastle makes the history buff’s cut every time as a place worth experiencing. An impressive structure that speaks to military might of the past, Fort Fincastle is a fascinating study in how the islands have transformed over time.

Fort Fincastle: Designed to Protect

In 1793 Lord Dunmore commissioned the building of Fort Fincastle at the top of Bennett’s Hill overlooking Nassau. As the royal governor of the time, Lord Dunmore recognized a need for the island to be protected from potential invaders and chose this destination as a prime location for surveillance and defense. The fort served a secondary purpose of acting as a lighthouse and over the course of several centuries, helped keep friendly ships well away from rocky shores while simultaneously warning off potential threats. While weather has taken its toll since the time of its original construction, Fort Fincastle still proudly stands today and is an impressive monument for visitors to the Bahamas to experience first-hand.

A Visit and a View

Guests to Fort Fincastle Bahamas will climb 65-steps to reach the ruins on the top of the hill. Once the destination has been reached, history and scenic surroundings are yours for the taking. Stunning views from this vantage point make for incredible photographic opportunities. Those with a heart for history will appreciate the many replicas of cannons and other artillery that would have been used to protect the island when the fort acted as a primary place of defense. While weathering is inevitable as the years pass by, this fort maintains its impressive demeanor nonetheless and is worth admiring. Those interested in a tour will find a number of independent guides located near and around Fort Fincastle who are willing to provide an insider’s guide to the ruins. If you’re interested in a self-guided tour, there are several information plaques that help visitors make their way through the fortress and provide educational details along the way. Whether you’ve arrived to have a close encounter with history, or are excited to experience an unforgettable Nassau view, Fort Fincastle Bahamas doesn’t disappoint and is worth a trek when it comes to making amazing memories.

A Home to Follow Up History

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