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Bahamas Sightseeing: Lone Tree

Harbour Island is a gorgeous piece of land that makes up the greater Bahamas. It’s scenic coastline, warm weather and vibrant colors makes it the ultimate destination for those who love to lie on the beach, soak up the sun or take to the waves in style. However, its beauty isn’t its only intriguing attribute. Along it’s sandy beaches, Harbour Island hosts a mystery that continues to captivate audiences who just want a closer a look. While the origins are unclear, Lone Tree is unquestionably a Harbour Island Bahamas sightseeing icon not to be missed when you’re here.

The Lone Trees, Bahamas: A Breathtaking Beach Mystery

The western edge of Harbour Island is home to Bay street and a walk down this route leads visitors to one of the island’s most intriguing stops. Rising perfectly upright out of the unassuming sandbar is the Bahamas sightseeing icon that locals refer to as Lone Tree. This giant piece of driftwood reaches towards the sky with branches splayed out in artistic form. Its bark stands in stark contrast to the white sand it’s anchored in and the eggshell blue sky it silhouettes. This natural clash of colors makes Lone Tree Bahamas a wonderful subject for photographers and often plays a part a role wedding photos and vacation collections.

Possible Origins

No matter how many different ways it’s approached, nobody can quite seem to understand just how Lone Tree came to be where it is today. It’s the unknown that makes this destination captivating and there are several theories as to its origins. Some claim this unique piece of drift wood was the direct result of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew that tore through the Bahamas in 1992. Some adamantly believe it is an almond tree that drifted over from a neighboring island while others proclaim it to be a lost pine. While its beginnings are still up for debate, those that observe this marvel during high tide enjoy another moment of mystery as the drift wood bobs around in the water but refuses to budge from its newfound home.

Wherever it came from and no matter where it’s eventually going, for now, guests to Harbour Island enjoy it’s artistic and mysterious touch to the beach. Beautiful in its own way and shrouded in questions, Lone Tree is worth adding to the itinerary, if only to questions the way things are for a moment in time.

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