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Valentine’s Dive Center

Valentine’s Dive Center is Harbour Island’s only establishment for scuba diving and snorkeling. This dedicated crew know the ins and outs of the surrounding waters better than the back of their hand and have an excellent track record of customer safety and satisfaction. If you’re staying on Harbour Island, take advantage of their expertise to explore the fabulous marine world of the Bahamas.

Joys of Diving

Tropical getaways mean many things: sunshine, cool breezes, colorful plants, and delicious fresh produce. Foremost among these, though, are the beaches, complete with sunbathing, sand castles, dipping your feet in the tides, and letting the waves carry you about.

However, look a little beyond the beaches and you’ll discover a special part of the tropics: the fantastic marine life. The warm waters encourage all sorts of creatures to make a living right below the surface of the glistening blue waters. From coral reefs to brightly-colored fish, the underwater sights are as fabulous as the tropical delights above.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Snorkeling is the more popular choice for most people, as you must be PADI certified to scuba dive. Thankfully, Harbour Island is surrounded by reefs and shallows where snorkeling is perfect for seeing all the fantastic creatures right below the surface of the water.

If you’re up for a scuba diving tour, Valentine’s offers those too! Reach a little further down and discover an ecosystem foreign and fantastic, yet inextricably tied to our own. Watch fish forage and hunt, a visitor to their world. If you’ve dreamed of being able to scuba, try checking out their PADI certification course.

A Skilled, Careful, Caring Crew

The folks at Valentine’s Dive Center have been in the business for a while, and their expertise is obvious in several ways. Their equipment is always up to snuff and inspected regularly, and they’re great at showing you the safe ways to use it. They can read the skies and seas well and know how to make the best of any weather; when the sea turns choppy, they navigate it fine, and if the weather is too unsuitable, they can still find a safe spot to go diving. Most of all, they’ll ensure that you have fun and enjoy your trip!

Valentine’s Dive Center is located in the western part of Dunmore Town.

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