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Top Reasons to Travel To Harbour Island Bahamas

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While there are many reasons to travel to Harbour Island, Bahamas, we’ve put together a brief list of the greatest draws of the island and the most common reasons why visitors love coming here. Read on below to learn more!

The Pink Sand Beaches

Travel to Harbour Island, Bahamas, and you’ll be able to experience the island’s uniquely hued pink sand beaches that attract visitors from all over the world. What creates this extraordinary phenomenon? Each hurricane season, tiny microscopic organisms called Foraminifera are washed ashore, the tint of their reddish pink shells coloring the sands. Our pink beaches paint a surreal backdrop for days of fun in the sun.

The Variety of Activities

Our island may not be the largest in the Bahamas, but there’s no shortage of fun and relaxation to be had here. Sunbathe and go horseback riding on the pink sands. Swim, snorkel, scuba dive, and go deep sea fishing in the clear, calm waters surrounding Harbour Island. The shipwrecks and underwater caves offshore make for incredible underwater exploration, while island hopping on the Out Islands will fill your hours with fantastic sights and memories.

The Peaceful, Relaxed Ambiance

Harbour Island is a small island, spanning a total of 3 miles long and about a half mile wide. About 2,000 people call the island home, making the island feel more like a friendly small town. The pace is slower, with golf carts and walking as the main forms of transportation. Beach shacks selling raw or fried conches are the place to grab a bite to eat. It’s laid back and relaxed here.

Travel to Harbour Island Bahamas for an Authentic Caribbean Experience

Unlike many islands in the Caribbean that have been turned into ritzy, over-glamorized resort locales, Harbour Island retains its authentic charm. Here, you’ll find friendly locals, their hangout spots, and even roaming chickens in the street interspersed with the occasional hotel. It’s an amazing place for visitors who want to experience the real Caribbean.

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Whichever of these reasons brings you here, you’ll have a great time on Harbour Island! Our reservation agents are happy to tell you more about the wonders that you can enjoy and make your travel to Harbour Island, Bahamas, all the more memorable. Get a jump on planning your vacation when you contact our office today and ask about booking your accommodations in one of our beautiful vacation rental properties!

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