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Sip-Sip Restaurant


When you think of the Bahamas, you think of sunshine, the ocean, pristine beaches that go for miles, and of course, big fruity cocktail with lots of booze in them. One of the most famous places to obtain one of these concoctions is at Sip Sip Restaurant, the famous Harbor Island bar and restaurant.

Sip Sip Harbor Island opens for its 17th season on November 16, 2018. In addition to its tasty cocktails, it offers a daily blackboard menu that features such local favorites as cold asparagus soup, arugula salad, and an amazingly fresh watermelon salad. There is also a regular menu that includes such staples as a lobster quesadilla and a tangy garlicy hummus dip.

The Drinks at Sip Sip Restaurant

As tasty as the food might be, the real attraction is the drink menu and the restaurant’s amazing view of the beach. Sip Sip Restaurant is located right on the beach, and you can enjoy a view over miles of the ocean with a distinctive green hue. In addition to the tourists and bikini enthusiasts who stroll along the pink sand, you may also see the occasional horseback rider or family of chickens or pigs as you sit on the patio of the canary yellow restaurant.

The colorful cocktails are made with fresh local fruit and are just a bit more potent than the kind you might get in the United States. The Sip Sip Rum Punch contains top shelf alcohol and fresh local pineapple, guava and passion fruit. The Sangria is a local take on the Spanish wine punch. The fruit in this drink packs a powerful punch, after having a long soak in the Sauvignon Blanc with which it is made. The menu also features some original concoctions such as a pineapple/chili margarita and a sweet and dense mango colada. The one thing you won’t sip through at Sip Sip Harbor Island is a plastic straw. The establishment has decided to join the ban on straws out of respect for the marine life that occupies the ocean.

The restaurant also features a fabulous gift shop that offers some high-quality tee shirts, locally made lotions, and even gold temporary tattoos for the kids.

Where to Stay

Now that you know where to eat and drink, you will want an equally fabulous place to stay. The professionals at Island Real Estate can help you find the perfect vacation rental or property for sale. Call us and talk to one of our experienced real estate professionals today at 888-779-3986.

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