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Queen Conch


Queen conch is a shellfish that has been an important part of Bahamian life for a long time. Locals love the Mollusca, and the shells are a popular item in souvenir shops. There is even a queen conch on the Royal Coat of Arms for the Bahamas. If you would like to try this local seafood, one of the most popular places to do it is at the aptly named Queen Conch restaurant located on Bay Street in Harbour Island.

The Menu

Conch has a similar taste to clams and is known for absorbing the flavor of the sauces in which it is cooked. Queen Conch prepares the dish in many different forms including fritters, cracked conch fries, conch salad, and pasta.

The restaurant also offers other local seafood such as grouper, shrimp and tuna. The side dishes are as much of a draw as the main courses with a tasty exotic veggie salad and delicious sweet potato and French fries. The desserts include a light and sweet key lime pie, a decadent Oreo cheese cake, and a rum cake that is the perfect accompaniment to coffee.

The menu at Queen Conch Harbour Island also includes wine and beer. Be sure to try a Kalik Beer, which is made in Nassau at the Commonwealth Brewery. The brewery also makes Heineken and Guinness. The name Kalik is derived from the sound of cowbells that can be heard during the Bahamas’ famous Annual Junkanoo Festival. If alcohol isn’t your thing, there are plenty of alternative beverages, virgin drinks and sodas.

Visiting Queen Conch in the Bahamas

The staff here has a reputation for being friendly and Queen Conch Harbour Island has a relaxed atmosphere. It is located right on the beach and offers a fabulous view of the ocean. The seafood is always fresh, making the place very popular, so you will want to allow for a little bit of extra time to enjoy your meal.

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