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Dunmore Deli


You are in the Bahamas surrounded by tropical trees with fabulous fruits. There are many restaurants offering fancy and exotic meals, but you can’t help having a hankering for deli food. Fortunately, there is the Dunmore Deli, which offers Americans a taste of home on an island paradise.

The Dunmore Deli Harbor Island, which is located in Dunmore Town, is a top-rated establishment that features local, American, and American-influenced food. The shop not only has some great sandwiches, but also offers full breakfasts. There are plenty of sweet treats and coffees and, unlike some delis, several vegetarian selections.

The Great Breakfasts at Dunmore Deli

If you are a fan of morning pastries, you will want to try the French toast, which is covered in a delicious batter made with vanilla bean and cinnamon. The toast comes with warm maple syrup and fresh local fruits. You can top the whole thing off with chocolate chips or candied bananas. If you are eating healthy, you can get a large fruit plate which contains some of the freshest mangos and pineapple you will ever taste.

The three egg omelets come with potatoes that have been fried to perfection. You get up to three items to add to your omelet; if you are smart, you will get the asparagus which is native to the island!

Sandwiches and Salads

The Dunmore Deli offers some large and flavorful salads like the traditional Caesar or the buffalo mozzarella salad, which is essentially a caprese salad made with arugula.

The locally grown arugula makes an appearance in several of the sandwiches, including The President, which is a turkey and bacon sandwich, and The California Wrap, which is vegetarian.

If you are going on a picnic or just want to have something to put in that mini fridge, the deli offers plenty of meats, cheeses, condiments and breads to take with you. You can also get some of that delicious asparagus and arugula. Additionally, they have potato and pasta salad as well as all the standard chips and sodas.

There are several flavors of croissants and they all go great with the deli’s expresso drinks. The Dunmore Deli Harbor Island offers many kinds of chocolate bars, pastries and candies.

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