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One of the best reasons to travel is to experience a new culture. With a rich history that begins with British colonization, the Bahamas are a wonderful place to learn about the culture of a community brought to the islands by British explorers. Now an independent archipelagic country, the Bahamas host a wealth of festivals that celebrate the country’s history and the culture’s heritage. Read on to learn about five of our favorite summer Harbor Island events to attend!

Bahamas Independence Day Celebration

It won’t take long for you to notice that Bahamians love to celebrate! One of largest celebrations of the year is held every year on July 10th to commemorate the day when the Bahamas became a fully independent nation from the United Kingdom.

Featuring parades, live music, vendors, side events, food, and much celebration, the Bahamas Independence Day Celebration is passionate and exceptionally fun. If the event falls on a weekend, the celebrations often last for days on end.

Fishermen’s Fest

Designed to showcase the Spanish Wells’ fishing industry, the annual Fishermen’s Fest is the most popular event of the year for lovers of the sea. Tournaments, fresh seafood, live entertainment, games, locally made crafts, and fireworks all make this Harbor Island event highly entertaining. To get the best sense of the local food, we highly recommend trying seafood that contains conch! Located just a short boat ride away from Harbour Island, Spanish Wells is a wonderful site to visit for those who are passionate about fishing and boating.

Junkanoo Festival

Kicking off Emancipation Day Celebrations, Junkanoo Festival is a bright cultural festival and parade that takes place annually on Harbour Island. Attracting hundreds of people to the historic Bay Street on Harbour Island, this festival showcases Bahamian culture and life on Harbour Island. Featuring delicious food, live music, dancing, and an amazingly colorful parade, Junkanoo Festival is fun for the whole family.

Emancipation Day Festival

Held on the first Monday each August, the Emancipation Day Festival celebrates the emancipation of slaves from the British Colonies, which occurred in 1834. This exceptionally popular event starts with a Junkanoo Rush-out and is followed by a beach day full of sunshine, sailing, and regattas (boat races). Perfect for families and those who love boating, the Emancipation Day Festival is one of the most-loved celebrations on the Bahamas islands.

Harbour Island Farmer’s Market

Held each Wednesday all summer long, the Harbour Island Farmer’s Market is an excellent place to taste local cuisine, meet local artists, and enjoy Bahamian culture. The farmer’s market is located behind Cocoa Coffee House on Bay Street and features a wide arrange of locally produced goods. Each week, you can expect to find straw work, local art, plants, shell work, on-site massages, delicious prepared food, locally grown native fruits and vegetables, alcoholic drinks, juices, ice cream, and local music performances. A must-see for all visitors, the Harbour Island Farmer’s Market truly has something for everyone!

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