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With winter just around the corner, those with a heart for travel may be feeling the urge to turn fall into the perfect opportunity to get out of town. Letting stress melt away happens best when an autumn adventure to scenic Harbour Island is planned. Whether you’re one for time on the beach or can’t wait to make the most of hot weather adventures, even as the seasons turn, a trip to Harbour Island promises to bring what you’re looking for in abundance. Here are just a few of many options to top off your fun fall Harbour Island vacation this year.

Dive Briland’s Blue Hole

The waters that surround the Bahamas are brimming over with geological wonders that have long beckoned to underwater enthusiasts with a heart for diving their way to an incredible stay. If you’re a fall traveler that falls into this category and your trip takes you to Harbour Island, you’re in luck. This area is home to the infamous Birland Blue Hole which offers up an almost magical underwater adventure to enjoy. This appealing dive spot comes complete with underwater caves and waters teeming with tropical fish and reef. Whenever you choose to explore, it’s bound to be a highlight of your getaway.

Swim near Pink Sands

The weather in the Bahamas in the fall is fantastic and those that love to jump in the water and swim can elevate the experience by taking their nautical adventures to Pink Sands Beach. This beautifully-hued stretch of shoreline is notorious for its eye-catching color, but it’s also a place that enjoys gentle surf, perfect for taking a dip in the waves. If you’re hoping to capture the beauty of the shoreline from a new vantage point, take your waterproof camera with you and grab that once in a lifetime shot that will inspire long after you’ve left Harbour Island.

Stroll Through Dunmore Town

For the fall visitor to Harbour Island with a heart for charming and historical architecture, a simple stroll through Dunmore Town is the best choice. Savor the spectacular weather as you walk through this seafront village. The streets are lined with homes and businesses that still speak to architectural influences of the past, creating a unique timeline as you make your way through.

Enjoy the Getaway Experience

There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy the beauty and fun that awaits on Harbour Island. Contact the team at Island Real Estate today to learn more about our rental properties throughout the Bahamas and to start turning those travel plans into a reality. We can’t wait to see you here!