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The Bahamas are calling you to leave the cold winter behind and come enjoy the bright sun, the pink sand, and the wonderful attractions these islands have to offer. Nothing says tropical vacation like the Harbour Island. Whether it’s a honeymoon, a dream vacation, or you just are not a big fan of the long cold winter months, this tropical paradise will keep you entertained throughout your stay with the many Bahamas activities.

Fishing and Diving- Bahamas Activites

As one of the original attractions in the island, both divers and anglers come here for the clear water, fascinating coral reefs and the abundance of game in the waters. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities here thanks to the coral gardens and the mammal life. Dolphins also enjoy a good swim around the Gulf Stream and Bimini. Explore the mysteries of the Andros and its blue holes and find out what fish the flats have to offer.

Island Hopping in the Bahamas

Island hopping in the Bahamas is another sought-after activity around here. With so many beautiful islands around you, it would be a waste not to go visit them all. Many of the islands form a chain within a chain. Some islands are themselves a chain of smaller islands. Abacos and the Exumas are two such examples. Take your time exploring each island and enjoying all the activities there from diving to bone-fishing and seeking the elusive blue marlin.


While everybody back home is bundling up in the winter, you will be out golfing on some of the best courses in the world. The lakes and manicured courses make the game extremely irresistible. Practice your shots at your pace as you take in the views around you and have a fun day outdoors with your golf buddies. Some courses require reservations so make sure you book in advance. Click here to check out more of the local attractions!

Beach Combing

When you have an abundance of beautiful beaches, what better way is there to spend your day than combing those beaches looking for all the exquisite shells that the ocean throws at your feet. Some of those shells are hidden, so make sure to dig in the sand and see what lies underneath. The currents replenish these shores with the bounties of the sea, so every time you visit the beach, new treasures wait for you.

A winter vacation to the Bahamas is just what you need. Enjoy plenty of sunshine and fantastic beaches. Calls us today to find out more about Bahamas activities and to book your vacation home.