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Fort Charlotte

The Bahamas has a way of calling visitors to its sandy shores year after year. Between the surf, endless sun and amazing dining opportunities it’s easy to fall in love with this little piece of paradise. In addition to the tropical island vibe, history lovers can find a place for their passion in this area of the world as well. With a rich and diverse past waiting to be explored, those who can’t help but look back into the details of yesterday’s gone by will want to make sure to add Fort Charlotte to their itinerary.

A History with a Lasting Impression

Located off West Bay Street a mile west of downtown Nassau Fort Charlotte stands grandly on top of a hill overlooking the harbor. Impressive in stature, Fort Charlotte covers 100-acres of land and is the largest fortress designed by Lord Dunmore who also commissioned the building of Fort Fincastle. Fort Charlotte was constructed in 1788 as a means of protecting the island from potential threats posed by intruders. Within and around its massive wall, Fort Charlotte Bahamas hosts an incredibly complex and intriguing defense system which includes several underground passages, a moat and dungeons. The structure is also surrounded by a collection of 42 cannons.

Take Time to Enjoy the View

Fort Charlotte is an ideal destination for those who love history but is equally captivating for photographers. With a perfect vantage point over the west end of the harbor, Paradise Island and Nassau, it’s nearly impossible to look anywhere from this spot without an opportunity for a beautiful panoramic frame.

Fort Charlotte: Independent and Guided Tours

Many local guides spend time near Fort Charlotte and are available for private tours upon request. Self-guided tours are always an option for those interested in a customized pace and experience. If you happen to be visiting on a Wednesday or a Friday be sure to get in by 11:30 am to make the most of the living history experience. Characters in full and authentic costume re-create what daily life would have looked like in 18th-century Nassau. Guests at Fort Charlotte Bahamas are invited to view and even participate in activities such as basket weaving while wandering through a mock fruit market and browsing items the general population would have used to buy and sell goods on the island. Keep an ear open for the 12:00 pm cannon to let you know things are truly underway.

Bahama Living at its Best

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