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Grand Bahama Island is the northernmost island in the Bahamas archipelago. Known for its fine, white sand beaches, stunning coral reef system, mangrove swamps, duty-free shopping, and all-inclusive resorts, Grand Bahama Island is an exciting, fulfilling, and romantic tropical vacation destination in the Bahamas.

About Grand Bahama Island

As the fourth largest island in the Bahamas, Grand Bahama Island is approximately 95 miles long and about 15 miles across at its widest. Originally inhabited by the Lucayan, the island came under Spanish rule in 1492. Under the Spaniards, the Lucayan met their unfortunate demise and the island lied nearly dormant for over two centuries, with the exception of pirates who used the island’s coral reef system to trap passing ships.

Grand Bahama Island was taken from the Spaniards by the British in 1670, after which time the island saw monetary booms during the American Revolutionary and Civil wars, Prohibition, and finally during the building of Freeport in the 1950s.

The result of Grand Bahama’s slow development is a premeditated resort community that’s completely tailored to the getaway tourist. Well-planned and luxurious, Grand Bahama is a true paradise that offers every kind of vacation activity you can imagine.

Things to Do on Grand Bahama Island

There’s truly something for everyone on Grand Bahama Island. No matter who you are or where you call home, you’ll enjoy the relaxed culture and lively spirit of the island.

The vast and intricate reef system of Grand Bahama Island makes it one of the best locations in the Bahamas for SCUBA diving and snorkeling. Swim with gentle sea turtles, rays, colorful fish, and more in the turquoise blue ocean. Sailing, boating, windsurfing, jet skiing, fishing, swimming, and dolphin encounters are a few other popular aquatic activities offered on the island.

On land, visitors of Grand Bahama can enjoy duty-free shopping at Point Lucaya Marketplace, fine dining in the harbor, several spas, golf, tennis, horseback riding, museums, festivals, nightlife, eco tours, National Parks, and more.

However you choose to spend your days on Grand Bahama Island, we recommend spending as much time as possible on the island’s infamous white sand beaches. William’s Town Beach, Fortune Beach, and Mather Town Beach all offer amazing beauty and fun seaside activities.

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