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At just eight miles long, Elbow Cay is a tiny cay of the Abaco islands in the outer Bahamas. Known for its post-American Revolutionary War history, desolate beaches, and beautiful striped lighthouse, Elbow Cay, Bahamas is a quiet and often overlooked outer island. Jam packed full of aquatic adventures, history, and beauty, Elbow Cay is nevertheless one of the most exciting Bahamian islands to visit.

Short History of Elbow Cay

Like other cays and islands in the outer Bahamas, Elbow Cay’s history began when British Loyalists fleeing New England arrived on the island in the wake of the American Revolutionary War.

For centuries, residents of Elbow Cay survived exclusively on fishing, boat repairs, limited trading, and wreckage salvage. It wasn’t until the Marsh Harbor Airport was built in the late 1950s that regular contact with the rest of the world was made. After the construction of the airport, additional residents arrived at Elbow Cay and tourism began to influence the cay.

About Elbow Cay

As part of a 120-mile-long chain of outer islands known as the Abacos, Elbow Cay is a quieter place to vacation than other Bahamian destinations. Similar to other islands in the Bahamas, Elbow Cay contains colorfully painted historic homes, friendly locals, fresh seafood, and clear blue water – all hallmarks of the Bahamas.

Unlike other islands, though, Elbow Cay offers incredibly pristine beaches, few crowds, and a more intimate Bahamas experience. The village settlement of Hope Town on Elbow Cay is a charming hub for entertainment. Restaurants, activities, rich history, and the famed lighthouse are all located within Hope Town. Further down the beach, resorts lure visitors to experience more luxurious activities. Altogether, the combination of small village charm with modern, upscale conveniences of the resorts makes Elbow Cay a wonderful Bahamian Vacation Destination.

Activities on Elbow Cay

At just eight miles long, life on Elbow Cay is compact and full of New England charm. Walking and bicycling are the preferred modes of transportation on Elbow Cay, which offers visitors a slower and more intimate experience on the island.

When you aren’t soaking up the gorgeous ocean scenery from Elbow Cay’s pristine and empty white sand beaches, stroll to Hope Town for delicious food, learn about Elbow Cay’s history, or get out on the sparkling blue Bahamian water.

With just a small handful of restaurants and a few grocery stores, Elbow Cay is comprised of a small and friendly community. Dining in Elbow Cay is a family-friendly experience, often allowing visitors to meet the chefs and restaurant owners while they dine. A few of our favorite establishments are Hope Town Coffee House and Harbour’s Edge. Both of these restaurants offer mouth-watering, locally-sourced, homemade eats.

To learn about Elbow Cay’s short but interesting history, take a stroll through Hope Town to see the multicolored historic clapboard homes and shops or head to the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum in Hope Town. The museum is a must-see for anyone who’s interested in seeing old artifacts, exhibitions, and photographs of the first Loyalist settlers on Elbow Cay.

No trip to Elbow Cay would be complete without spending several days out on the water. From the harbour, you can charter boats to go on aquatic adventures including fishing, snorkeling, freediving, and SCUBA diving. Elbow Cay possesses particularly clear and calm waters, even for the Bahamas, so it’s an excellent place to view colorful reef and fish. For an out-of-water aquatic activity, you can also paddleboard, surf, swim, or kayak on Elbow Cay.

Finally, if you get curious about other nearby outer islands and cays, it’s very easy to island hop from Elbow Cay. Nearby Great Abaco Island, Green Turtle Cay, Noname Cay, and Tilloo National Park on Tilloo Cay all offer unique experiences and are wonderful day trips.

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