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Hotels Vs. Vacation Rentals – Why Choose Our Vacation Rentals in Harbour Island?

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Up until recent decades, hotels were the common choice for accommodations when vacationing in the Bahamas. However, vacation rentals in Harbour Island have increasingly become the go-to lodgings for visitors to the Caribbean who want a more memorable experience during their time here. Below, we’ve laid out a comparison of hotels and vacation rentals, and why you should book a vacation rental with Island Real Estate for your next tropical escape.

A Comparison of Hotels and Vacation Rentals in Harbour Island

There’s no denying that hotels have their appeal. After all, expensive inclusive packages sound like the easiest way to pack in experiences during your vacation. Despite their lack of space and privacy, rooms can be decently decorated or come with fantastic views or easy beach access. Hotels have their own amenities, and often their own partnerships with local rental providers and other businesses where they can arrange to pick you up from the hotel. Depending on where you stay and what the hotel offers, you might never have to venture outside of the resort’s territory for fun.

At Island Real Estate, however, we believe the best way to experience the Caribbean is in your own private vacation rental. Our rental properties are local residences outfitted with their own custom features, giving you a relaxing and luxurious setting for vacation pampering at a justified rate. Rent out an enormous villa all to yourself, where you can cool off in an oceanfront pool, spend downtime in a private game room, or walk down to the beach from your own private beach access. With plenty of space and privacy, you’ll never have to worry about outsiders intruding on your fun.

Being residences, our vacation rentals in Harbour Island also encourage you and your guests to explore these islands and experience them authentically, rather than the sterile vision presented by ritzy resorts. That being said, our vacation rentals are just as lavish in their accommodations and amenities, but without isolating you from the rest of the island, conveniently located central to the best local attractions and activities.

For a memorable and authentic Caribbean vacation, choose one of our vacation rentals in Harbour Island!

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