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Getting Around Harbour Island, Bahamas

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Before planning your trip to the beautiful paradise of Harbour Island, Bahamas, it helps to have a plan for how you and your guests will travel to the beaches and other attractions you’ll want to visit on the island. With this in mind, we’ve put together some handy information for navigating to destinations during your time on Harbour Island. Read on below to learn more!

Tips for Finding Your Way Around Harbour Island, Bahamas

Like many places in the Caribbean, public transportation is pretty much nonexistent on Harbour Island itself. Furthermore, unlike Harbour Island’s neighbor, Eleuthera, you won’t find many cars or taxis zipping around here.

Instead, Harbour Island, Bahamas, enjoys a slower pace of life, with the top transportation options ranging from scooters and golf carts to bicycles or your own two feet. There are a number of local companies and stores that are happy to provide visitors with these types of rental vehicles, such as Michael’s Cycles.

Golf carts are by far the most popular option among visitors for their speed and convenience, though the lines to wait for golf cart rentals can take time, especially when the ferry first drops visitors off. If you rent a golf cart, you’ll also want to be mindful and watch out for chickens in the road. Golf cart rentals are usually priced at about $50.00 per day and are available on the ferry dock or at another rental spot located just off of the dock.

If you wish to avoid wasting your time waiting for a golf cart rental, you can walk to most anywhere on the island, though during the warmer months, the heat can be a bit bothersome. The island is about 3 miles long and a half mile wide, so walking or biking to most destinations is doable.

Getting around Harbour Island, Bahamas (or Briland, as we locals call it) isn’t difficult to do, whether you opt for the faster pace of a golf cart or the slower pace of a leisurely stroll.

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