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What You Can Do at the Bahamas for a Nature and Wildlife Journey

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Flamingos, turtles, and iguanas: What do these three animals have in common? They’re all found in the beautiful Bahamas! Enjoy a vacation surrounded by stunning natural beauty, exploring all the fascinating wildlife the Bahamas has to offer. From abundant underwater caves to sunken Spanish galleons, sparkling beaches to mangrove marshes, the Bahamas is truly a standout nature destination!

What You Can Do at the Bahamas on Day One: Hit the Beach

You are visiting the Bahamas, after all! There’s no way you could start anyplace other than the beach. Check out secluded spots like Lighthouse Beach, at the very southern tip of Eleuthera Island, where a round-trip hike will net you your own private piece of paradise in one of the best place to visit in Bahamas. Enjoy miles of blush-rose sand surrounded by turquoise waters; be sure to pack plenty of water as well as a picnic lunch!

Day Two: Dive Down Deep

Now that you’re acquainted with the ocean, it’s time to dive deeper! Wondering what you can do at the Bahamas below the waves? Well, these islands are a premier dive destination, boasting barrier reefs, undersea caves, and the lost treasure of sunken ships. The island of Andros is a dive hub, since it’s home to not only the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world, but also a large number of the Bahamas’ famous Blue Holes. These tidal freshwater blue holes are incredibly diverse brackish ecosystems, home to a wide variety of marine life. Even if you’ve never dived before, there are so many highly qualified instructors in the Bahamas, waiting to help you have the time of your life!

Day Three: Head Out to Sea

Maybe it’s another day of diving, or perhaps it’s just a chill sailboat cruise, or else a day-long fishing expedition: no matter the reason, head out on the water! The lovely blue Caribbean is at least half the reason you came, after all. Explore a different island by boat or take a sunset catamaran ride with your loved one.

Day Four: Visit a Primeval Forest

Tucked away on the busy island of New Providence, on the opposite end from Nassau, is this remarkable crown jewel of the Bahamas National Park system and is the best place to visit in Bahamas for nature lovers. The Primeval Forest National Park is a relatively undisturbed 7.5 acres of the island’s original ecosystem and is full of diverse plant and animal life. Explore sinkholes and limestone caverns, some up to 50 feet long and 30 feet deep. Take a tour with a knowledgeable park ranger and come away with a whole new understanding of the Bahamas’ ecosystem and history.

Day Five: Visit an Ocean Refuge

The Exumas are a long chain of tiny islands just south of Nassau and Eleuthera. The world’s first protected area of its kind, Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is a 176-square mile ecological refuge, filled with diverse plant, animal, and coral species. Since its establishment in 1958, this park has proven to be an incredibly important site for the healthy development of spiny lobster, conch, and grouper populations. It’s also home to a variety of nesting seabirds, rock iguanas, and marine turtles. Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park can be visited on a day trip from Nassau; there are many tour companies providing these excursions.

Day Six: Take a Hike

On Andros, the largest island of the Bahamas, you can hit the beach in the morning and hike in a cool pine forest in the afternoon. Though the island is the biggest, it’s sparsely populated, partly due to roughly half the island being covered by national parkland. Visit the famous Blue Holes National Park, and marvel at this concentration of limestone sinkhole caves surrounded by rich tropical forest. Or head to the west side and explore the coastal mangrove habitat of West Side National Park (complete with flamingos!).

Day Seven: Relax on the Beach

Go ahead, you’ve earned it! After a busy week of exploring the very best nature and wildlife that the Bahamas have to offer, you should spend your last day lounging and swimming on the fine, beautiful sands of North Eleuthera. These are truly some of the very best beaches in the Bahamas, so whether you choose the protected waters of Ben Bay Beach, Tay Bay Beach near Preacher’s Cave, or Upper Cove Beach, where divers enjoy “shooting the Current Cut” between two islands, you’re sure to have an awesome end to your perfect Bahamas getaway.

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