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What to See in Bahamas on Your Spring Journey

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Are you looking for a great spring break destination? Or maybe just looking to escape the last of the cold, wet winter weather? If so, look no further than the Bahamas, your ideal springtime getaway spot! There are plenty of things to do in the Bahamas in March and beyond! With the year’s best weather happening in the springtime, you’ll be glad you came.

Day One: Hit the Beach

It’s the obvious spot to start if you’re looking for what to see in Bahamas, and you’ll be so, so glad as you soak up the sunshine and dig your toes in the sand. If the beaches around Nassau seem too crowded at this time of year (as this is the high season for travel), spend the day relaxing on the beaches of Eleuthera and Harbour Island. With their fine pink and white sand and picturesque turquoise waters, you’re sure to find a spot that’s just perfect for you to lounge away the day, working on your tan. Or stay close to the beach in one of our Narrows rentals.

Day Two: Take a Hike

If you prefer the solitude of nature to the busy party spots in town, head to the southern tip of Eleuthera for a hike to Lighthouse Beach. This invigorating trek yields amazing 360-degree views at the south of the island, as well as a vast beach all to yourself. If you’d rather visit Andros instead, there are numerous national parks and forests to hike in there. The Bahamas isn’t all about the beach!

Day Three: Go Sailing

Enjoy the gorgeous spring weather best from out at sea! Hire a charter boat to take you on a day trip to enjoy the ocean. Whether you prefer fishing, snorkeling, or just feeling the breeze in your face, there are abundant options available for you on all the islands.

Day Four: Paddle Around to See What to See in Bahamas

Now it’s time to pilot your own craft: rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard for your own fun adventure! You’ll find lessons available if you need them, but otherwise, just rent the gear, put on your sunscreen, and get out on the water for a fun day of exploring the coastline. Eleuthera is a beautiful place to do this, as there are tons of nice beaches to explore.

Day Five: Yoga on the Beach

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or not, there’s no better time to give it a try! The beautiful pink sand beach on Harbour Island is a peaceful and perfect place for beach yoga. Classes are offered there twice weekly by Anna Fitzek, a local yoga and pilates teacher. Stop by her restaurant, Sweet Spot Cafe, after class for an invigorating juice or smoothie blend.

Day Six: Get Pampered

Now that you worked hard in yesterday’s yoga class, you might be feeling a bit sore. Time for a massage! No luxury vacation would be complete without one, and the Bahamas has many options to choose from. By far the most opulent (and popular) is the Mandara Spa at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. Choose from a plethora of treatments, including steam, sauna, warm and cold plunge pools, and a variety of massage modalities, all in a surrounding of utter luxury.

Day Seven: Go Snorkeling

If you haven’t already, you simply must put your face under water with a mask on when looking for things to do in the Bahamas in March. There’s just so much more to see under the sea! Though sandy beaches are lovely, you’re missing most of the show if you never look beneath the waves. The Bahamas offers a wide variety of options, including the world’s third-largest barrier reef, sunken shipwrecks, and mangrove forests. Don’t forget about the famous blue holes, a few of which can also be snorkeled. Make the most of your last day!

Enjoy your spring break in the Bahamas!

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