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Top Things to Do in Bahamas for Your Summer Journey

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Though we think of summer as prime time for vacationing, it’s actually considered the off season in the Bahamas. Most visitors come here during fall, winter, and spring, when the climate back home is downright chilly. In summer, however, you can enjoy all the same great Bahamas activities with less crowds! Be well prepared with a great sun hat and high-SPF reef-safe sunscreen, and you’ll have a great summer adventure.

Day One: Beach It Up With the Top Things to Do in Bahamas

Some of the Bahamas’ very best beaches are located on the island of Eleuthera. With many miles of pink and white sand to choose from, you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite among the top things to do in Bahamas! Explore French Leave Beach, Poponi Beach, or Bay Beach, or basically any beach you happen to run into on this long, narrow island full of beaches. The beaches tend to be best at low tide, so if you’re picky, plan your visit accordingly.

Day Two: Out to Sea

Obviously, the Bahamas is a water destination, so what better way to explore it than by heading out on the ocean to check out the things to see in Bahamas? Whether you prefer a sailboat, a motor boat, or a fishing excursion, you’ll find an abundance of friendly local sea captains waiting to show you a good time. You’ll love hopping off the boat to swim in the lovely turquoise waters, or exploring uninhabited islands with new friends.

Day Three: Try a New Water Sport

While swimming and sunning are nothing new, there are a wide variety of fun water sports to choose from these days. If riding a jet ski isn’t your thing, try stand-up paddling, kayaking, or snorkeling, all great ways to get a new view of the ocean. You can also get more serious, and use your vacation as an opportunity to learn scuba diving!

Day Four: Visit the Blue Holes

Though there are blue holes (limestone sinkhole caves) throughout the Bahamas, the greatest concentration of them is on the island of Andros. At Blue Holes National Park, a 40,000-acre preserve, you can marvel at these natural wonders from the blissful coolness of a pine forest. Hiking through the forest will not only cool you off but will also net you views of a variety of endemic bird species.

Day Five: Visit the Pigs

It’s become a Bahamas must-do: swimming with the famous porkers of Pig Beach. There’s just nowhere else you can swim in the ocean with these cute, smart animals! Take a day trip from Nassau via high-speed motorboat, and enjoy snapping selfies with the Pig Beach celebrity set. Most tours also include visits with rock iguanas and sea turtles, and you won’t soon forget this fun day of exploring unique Bahamian wildlife!

Day Six: Do a Spa Day

If you’re a bit tired from a long day yesterday, you might just want to get a little relaxation time in. What better way to do it than Caribbean style? Book a massage at the Natural Mystic Spa at Marley Resort & Spa, and enjoy the African-inspired herbal treatments, the private whirlpool bath, and the mani/pedi loft with ocean views. Located in Nassau’s Cable Beach, this resort is an homage to Bob Marley, complete with a display gallery of the Marley family’s music paraphernalia. There’s also a great bar and restaurant, so once you get relaxed and rejuvenated at the spa, you can party it up on the beach!

Day Seven: One More Time…

On the beach, that is! Stop back at your favorite for another go-round or explore a few new things to see in Bahamas that you haven’t seen yet. The Bahamas is all about the beach, after all!

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