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Stuff to Do in the Bahamas: Angler’s Delight Journey

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Do you love waiting for the fish to bite, then taking home your catch to cook up for dinner? Then you’re in for a treat, as the Bahamas are an amazing destination for all types of ocean fishing. Take your fishing game to the next level with a fishing trip to the Bahamas!

Day One: Reef Fishing

Take it easy on your first day and combine your fishing with enjoying a beautiful beach. Reef fishing, also known as bottom fishing here in the Bahamas, is an excellent choice for a chill day of beach fishing. You can expect to land grouper, snapper, yellow fin, and more; there’s no fresher way to obtain dinner here in the Bahamas!

Day Two: Bonefishing

For many avid anglers, bonefishing in the Bahamas is an absolute must on your itinerary of stuff to do in the Bahamas. If you fly fish back home, you’ll already know how this works. Except it’s in salt water! Bonefishing is fly fishing in the renowned fishing flats or “marls” of the mangrove forests, found throughout the Bahamas. Andros Island has many miles of those; contact local fishing guide Stephen Smith at (242) 368-4018 if you’re looking to be guided by an expert.

Day Three: Look for Lobster

Okay, so it isn’t exactly fish, but who doesn’t want to swim out and pick up their very own lobster for dinner? Lobster season runs from August 1st through March 31st, with a limit of six per person. There are specific regulations regarding the size of lobster that may be taken, so be sure you don’t run afoul of authorities. Get ready for a delicious dinner!

Day Four: Deep-Sea Adventure

It’s time for the big boys: Get ready for deep sea fishing! There are numerous charter boats waiting to take you out on a deep-sea fishing adventure, so get ready to angle for marlin, tuna, and more out on the open ocean with these Bahamas activities attractions. If you’ve yet to land a fish that weighs more than you, now’s your chance!

Day Five: Swim with Sharks on Your List of Stuff to Do in the Bahamas

While it may not be fishing per se, there’s certainly nothing more exciting for lovers of big fish than actually getting in the water with them! Ocean Fox Cotton Bay, near the southern end of Eleuthera, offers a variety of fishing and diving possibilities, including shark dives (for experienced divers only). No matter which activity you choose, you’re sure to come away with a more thorough knowledge of shark-human interactions, as you learn from the experts.

Day Six: Spearfish for Lions

If you love to snorkel and also fish, then spearfishing might be a great new sport for you! If you’re new to it, there can be a bit of a learning curve, so it’s advisable to hire an expert guide. One of the very best fish to aim for are lionfish, as they’re invasive as well as delicious, and their unique look makes them unmistakable in the ocean. However, they do have poisonous spines, so you must exercise caution when preparing them for dinner (another reason it’s good to have a guide!).

Day Seven: Catch Some Crabs

On Andros Island, it’s always crab season, though you’ll have the easiest time from May/June until around November. Various species of land crabs are abundant here, and during the summer months, known as “walking crab season,” they literally take to the streets in order to access the water for spawning season. Crab is an important part of Bahamian cuisine, and if you visit Andros during walking crab season, you can help yourself to this popular catch!

Enjoy fishing (and eating) your way through Bahamian waters with this list of Bahamas activities attractions! Contact us today to book one of our Bahamas vacation rentals.

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