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Things You Can Do in the Bahamas on Your Dog Lover’s Journey

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Are you and your furry friend excited about a sunny beach getaway to the Bahamas? Though there is some preparation required, it’s very possible to take your dog along on a great Bahamas getaway. Choose from our great vacation rentals on Harbour Island, Eleuthera, or Paradise Island, and get ready to enjoy some fun in the sun!

First, Take Care of the Red Tape

While dogs (and cats) are allowed to accompany their humans on a Bahamas vacation, you will need to obtain a Bahamas Import Pet Permit first. This helpful guide will walk you through the steps of the process, but essentially, it requires making sure they are up-to-date with recent rabies vaccinations, mailing an application and money order to the Bahamas (be sure to allow time for that), and having your vet fill out a form certifying that they are healthy. Also, puppies under six months are not allowed, and a few breeds of dog are not permitted either. Visitors should also keep in mind that there are roaming street dogs in the Bahamas, which may bother your pet, so keep a watchful eye out when you’re out walking around.

Day One: Hit the Beach

Whether you’re staying in Nassau, Eleuthera, or Harbour Island, the main reason for coming to the Bahamas are the gorgeous beaches! Renowned worldwide for their beautiful pink and white sand, Bahamas beaches are definitely the main draw. Pet lovers need to know that the Bahamas has a leash law, so all dogs must stay leashed on the beach. Additionally, the hotel beaches may not allow dogs, so it’s best to rent a car and look for off-the-beaten-path beaches when traveling with Fido.

Day Two: Take a Hike

Yes, it’s not all beaches here! The Bahamas has some spectacular hiking, and in fact, many of those beautiful trails do also lead to beaches. If you’re looking for more things you can do in the Bahamas check out Lighthouse Beach at the southern tip of Eleuthera for miles and miles of secluded snorkeling, sunbathing, and dog-walking enjoyment.

Day Three: Charter a Sailboat

While beaches may require leashes, not so for sailboats! Hire a pet-friendly boat, and spend a glorious day exploring hidden treasure islands with your beloved furry friend. Swim to your heart’s desire in the tropical blue waters, then relax at the end of a fun day back in your cozy vacation rental home.

Day Four: Explore Town

No matter which island you stay on, there’s lots of fascinating colonial history here in the Bahamas to discover. Enjoy long walks, punctuated with treats in cafes with outdoor patios where you can dine with your pet. The quaint New England architecture and abundance of cute shops in towns like Dunmore will warm your heart.

Day Five: Eat!

There’s tons of great seafood to be had in the Bahamas, and there are quite a few restaurants with outdoor seating where dogs could be welcome. Enjoy local specialties like conch, lobster, and wahoo, cooked in an endless variety of ways. Bon appetit!

Day Six: Head to Another Island for More Fun Places in the Bahamas

That’s right, you’re not limited to the island you’re staying on! The Caribbean is full of so many little islands to explore, and there are many boats heading between the many islands of the Bahamas. If you’re looking for things you can do in the Bahamas you can spend a day exploring Andros, Exuma, or Cat Island, and enjoy a fun boat ride with your pet, ocean spray in both your faces.

Day Seven: Chill Back at the Beach

By now, you’ve explored a variety of spots and fun places in the Bahamas, so spend one last relaxing day back at your favorite. Did you and your dog get enough sunshine, yummy food, and fun in the sun to last you until your next Bahamian getaway?

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