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Adventure Seeker’s Journey: Fun Activities in the Bahamas and More!

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Are you a fun-loving person looking to craft an awesome adventure getaway? The Bahamas are an excellent destination for all types of outdoor adventures, on land, in the sea, and in the air. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with these fun activities in the Bahamas!

Day One: Head Out to Sea

Sometimes the best way to get a sense of the island you’re on is to get off of it for a bit! This is especially true in an island nation like the Bahamas, where it’s mostly water to begin with. Start your trip off right by seeing the shoreline from a boat. Try Nassau Sail and Snorkel Tour if you’re staying in Nassau or try out Eleuthera Tours if you’re staying on that island. Get your fins on and your snorkel mask ready for these Bahamas vacation things to do!

Day Two: Take a Trip Around Eleuthera

Whether you stay there or not, Eleuthera is a beautiful island to spend at least one day on during your trip. With some of the best beaches the Bahamas have to offer, it’s hard to choose a favorite! Bahamas Out-Island Adventures can design you a custom day tour based on your personal interests, so whether you’d like to kayak, snorkel, surf, or beachcomb, they are happy to make it happen, with friendly guides showing you all their favorite spots. They’ll provide snacks, surf lessons, gear, and whatever else you may need, all with a smile.

Day Three: Dive in a Blue Hole

You know you want to! The Bahamas’ Blue Holes are world-famous, and for good reason. These fascinating ecosystems are a mix of fresh and sea water, meaning they attract a fascinating variety of marine life. Though blue holes occur throughout the Bahamas, the greatest concentration of them is on Andros (which is also the biggest island). Blue Hole National Park is a 40,000-acre preserve of blue holes, surrounded by pine forest, which is also home to a variety of endemic and Caribbean birds. Dives in the holes yield views of not only fascinating cave formations, but also a unique collection of cave wildlife not found elsewhere in the world.

Day Four: Feed Sharks

Yes, while you’re in the water with them! This experience is for experienced certified divers and is not for the faint of heart. Ocean Fox Cotton Bay on Eleuthera offers this unique experience in which you will get to not only watch the sharks eat, but actually swim with them afterward. The dive includes an educational lesson on shark behavior (yes, you should pay attention), and most of the sharks are Caribbean reed sharks and black tip sharks. This is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience!

Day Five: Swim with Pigs

Though it’s become a very popular destination, Pig Beach in the Exumas is still a great adventure spot. You just cannot swim with such adorable and friendly ocean-going pigs anywhere else on Earth! Day trips are available to Exuma from Nassau, via high-speed boat (hang onto your hat!). Trips usually also include visits with rock iguanas and sea turtles; the Exumas are part of a unique sea conservation area that means they’re chock-full of marine life to explore. You’re sure to remember this special day tour for a long time!

Day Six: Float Above It All

With a parachute, of course! Parasailing is a popular activity near the resort areas of the Bahamas, and once you get a birds-eye view of the gorgeous blue Caribbean waters, you’ll be hooked! Several companies offer parasailing from Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island, which is a tiny resort island just off of Nassau. Of course, being located at the resorts also means these companies offer a plethora of other exciting marine adventures and Bahamas vacation things to do, including jet skis, banana boats, and more. Get ready for a fun day on (and above) the ocean!

Day Seven: Try Your Hand at Deep-Sea Fishing With These Fun Activities in the Bahamas

On your last day, go big with a deep-sea fishing adventure. Head out on a charter boat and see if you can land a fish that weighs five times as much as you do! The deep seas around the Bahamas are renowned grounds for marlin, tuna, and sharks, and you can spend a very enjoyable day angling for these big creatures (while enjoying some cold beer in the process). Relax all day and save your strength for when the big fish bite! Many small local companies offer fishing charters of all types, so no matter where you stay, you’ll have no trouble locating a good one.

Get ready for an adventure vacation to the beautiful Bahamas!

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