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Upper Bogue Homecoming

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For many travelers, a trip to the Bahamas is planned in the name of an exotic getaway where visions of swaying palm trees, mesmerizing waves and endless white sand beaches come to life in perfect island style. Whether you’re looking to relax, unwind and rejuvenate or are hoping to spend time dancing and dining your way across the islands the Bahamas comes with a sense of tropical mystique that makes it endlessly intriguing to those visitors from far away. However, for those locals who have long been an integral part of the islands, the Bahamas is simply home and sometimes there’s nothing better than celebrating that fact. Travelers who happen to be in the Bahamas at the very end of August will want to make time to visit Eleuthera when the Upper Bogue in the Bahamas comes to town once more.

A Tradition of Honoring Home

The Upper Bogue Homecoming is an annual event that will once again take place on August 29, 2019. Hosted near Queen’s Highway in Upper Bogue North Eleuthera, this homecoming celebration invites current residents of Upper Bogue as well as those who have since left the area to return in the name of honoring the place they long loved and call their own.

An Overview of the Upper Bogue

The charming and tranquil destination known as the Upper Bogue is an important agricultural center in the Bahamas where primarily citrus is grown and subsequently exported. While the area sports a small community, it is a strong one that contributes heavily to the Bahamas economy. Upper Bogue in the Bahamas is time set aside to celebrate these accomplishments as well as the hard-working people who were born in this area and continue to love it.

Fun and Entertainment

The Upper Bogue Homecoming celebration is one that never fails to be an exciting moment on the islands. An extensive lineup of live musical performances creates the ideal soundtrack to this fun and family-oriented event. Local food and drinks abound, and guests are encouraged to snack their way through the festivities for a flavorful take on an annual highlight event. It’s definitely one of the best things to do in Eleuthera, Bahamas.

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