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Savannah Sound Heritage Festival

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When travelers take time to plan a vacation to the Bahamas, it’s often with visions of palm trees and turquoise waves in their minds. The beauty of this diverse and versatile destination is that it’s not hard to turn these visions to reality with the option of indulging in so much more! The Bahamas is a destination built on culture, tradition, and heritage just as richly as it is rooted in flavor, music and island vibes. While the Bahamas boasts an endless variety of islands to visit, there’s something exciting and intriguing about Eleuthera. This extended landmass of sand has long been loved for its stunning pink sand beaches and waves that call to surfers in amazing numbers. Home to amazing tropical fish and sea turtles, Eleuthera is also home to one of the Bahamas best annual heritage festivals. When your travel plans bring you this direction, be sure to make time on the itinerary for a stop at the Savannah South Heritage Festival while you’re here.

An Eleuthera Tradition

Hosted at the Homecoming Site on Savannah Sound in the Bahamas, this annual festival is a lively and high-energy celebration of heritage that is enjoyed over the course of five fun-filled days. Attended by large crowds of locals and visitors alike, the Savannah Sound Heritage Festival is an eclectic mix of music, performances, dance, and food that makes for an amazing moment spent on Eleuthera each and every year. In 2019, the Savannah Sound in the Bahamas will once again be celebrated between July 10th and July 14th. The festivities begin each evening at 7:00 pm and continue on through midnight, turning Eleuthera into an oasis of celebration for everyone.

Experience the Best of Heritage and Culture

While this festival is sure to be fun, it’s also a testament to the culture and heritage that built the foundation of the Bahamas. Guests to this festival will enjoy a variety of cultural performances, fashion shows, live musical performances and dance numbers that tell the story of the islands. Traditional cooking can be found on nearly every corner during the festival and a variety of food vendors are available for those looking for something more specific. However you spend your time, be sure to make the most of the Savannah Sound in the Bahamas by returning for each and every day of the celebration!

Book a Bahamas Stay Today to Experience Savannah Sound in the Bahamas

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