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Green Castle Hauler’s Fest

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Making the most of a trip to the Bahamas often revolves around finding plenty of time to soak up the sun on the pristine white sand beaches and enjoying turquoise waves as they lap at your toes. A trip to the Bahamas often comes with its fair share of restaurant-hopping as travelers make their way across the islands in pursuit of all that is flavorful and fantastic. Still others come to the Bahamas with the exclusive goal of finding time to visit the many boutique shops and marketplaces that are not only delightful but duty-free. There’s no question that when it comes to vacation destinations, the Bahamas provides guests with a wide variety of options and activities to choose from because of the variety of things to do in Eleuthera. When you’re in the process of making that perfect Bahamas itinerary, be sure to save some space at the top for a trip to Eleuthera and the Green Castle Hauler’s Fest. This event is an amazing way to participate in a practice that has long defined the Bahama’s economic growth while having fun witnessing local culture at its finest.

Land, Culture, and Sea

The history of the Bahamas is a story very much rooted in maritime culture. For as far back as anyone can remember, these islands have thrived with what the teeming waters around them offer up. Team net fishing for Jack Fish is a cooperative effort that not only provides an income but sustenance for island dwellers too. When July rolls around, the people of the Bahamas set aside five days of fun, hard work, and celebration to honor this technique and cultural tradition as a family. The Green Castle Hauler’s Fest will be held July 10th through July 14th in 2019 and provides a chance for teams to gather together in the pursuit of Jack Fish captured by the net-full. It’s definitely one of the best Eleuthera fishing activities.

Beyond the Net

This annual tradition of catching Jack Fishin teams is accompanied by a variety of fun events each year. The festival is hosted on the shores of South Eleuthera at Green Castle and includes an impressive line up of live musical performances as well as food vendors and traditional beverages on-site. Guests to the Green Castle Hauler’s Fest can enjoy participating in a variety of crafts and activities onshore while in the water, teams of fishermen work hard to bring in a successful day’s haul. This fishing competition is definitely one of the best things to do in Eleuthera!

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