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Bahamas White Marlin Roundup

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A visit to the Bahamas is packed with opportunities to bask in the sun, lounge on white-sand beaches and visit natural landmarks that bring unending natural beauty into daily, vacation life. There’s nothing like this collection of pristine islands to awaken the mind, imagination and senses. Surrounded by beautiful water and waves, it’s not surprising that these islands are teeming with ecosystems that support incredible tropical fish. For anglers who visit places in the Bahamas with their eye on the ocean and the marine life it contains, you’ll want to be sure to plan a visit for April when the White Marlin Roundup is in full force.

Cast a Competitive Line

The White Marlin Roundup is the first of a three-part event hosted in the Bahamas annually known as The Abaco Diamond Series. In 2019, anglers will make their way in the name of competition for a chance to reel in the next great White Marlin between April 10th and April 13th. The White Marlin marks a significant transition in the fishing season as focus moves from sailfish forward to Blue Marlin, making this the perfect place for the tournament to fall on the fishing calendar.

Tournament Specifics at these Bahamas Fishing Tournaments

Early bird entry to the tournament runs anglers an admission cost of $4,000. Those who register online after March 27th will be able to enter for a fee of $4,500. The tournament begins at several places in the Bahamas: The Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbor Marina at Bay Street in Marsh Harbor. Each day hosts a variety of competitions and weigh ins regularly follow once competition comes to a close. While many anglers will take to the seas for the love of competition and fishing, the cash prizes are a motivator as well. Top Captain and Crew prizes begin at $500 with The Largest White Marlin prize coming in at $2,000. Whichever competitor achieves all-around status will be returning home with more than $12,000 in hand. Fishing begins at 8:30 am daily and continues until 4:30 pm with no boats allowed out on the water after 7:00 pm. This is a rain or shine event and anglers are advised to fish at their own risk.

The Best of the Bahamas

When you’re visiting in hopes of reeling in the next big catch of the day at these Bahamas fishing tournaments, be sure that you have an island vacation rental book that provides a beautiful and comfortable place to rest up. Island Real Estate is happy to take care of your reservation details so you can focus on the tournament fun! Contact us today to start planning your getaway to this island paradise and to learn about our Bahamas villas.

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